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Let’s Get Technical: Newsletter 07/04/20

Every action could be an act of self-care, meaning caring for yourself at that moment, regardless of the action. It’s bringing awareness to yourself, and part of the awareness is setting boundaries and being mindful of what’s going on inside of you.

– Clara Roberts-Oss

Hello fellow seekers of truth,

We’re entering some of the sweetest months of the year here in Vancouver and it’s been a wonderful week to reflect on all that’s passed. We finished the 30-Opportunities Challenge, and if you’ve not already, please fill out this survey to enter the raffle to win a selection of prizes if you completed the 30-days.

Your questions, answered. 
We responded to the questions on the technicalities of yoga asana this week in the podcast. I shared a few of my favorite mantras, where to begin if you’re new to yoga, and how to modify your practice based on mobility and stability. 

You can check out Steph’s blog post to read the highlights and more on the theme of the week.

As you move into the weekend, I leave you with a gentle reminder to balance the fire and heat we celebrate in summer with quiet moments and colony activities.

Sending big love and a virtual hug, 
Clara & the familia.

Class of the Week

Manipura Flow

Join Clara and the Lila Vinyasa students of yoga for a fiery flow class that stimulates the third chakra. You’ll focus on the solar plexus to build heat and stabilize the deep core muscles with the help of a block or rolled-up blanket between your legs for yogi-style sit-ups. This class lights up the inner fire through Kapalabhati. Kapalabhati is a breathing exercise to purify, rejuvenate, and invigorate the mind and body, helping to release negativity or any sluggish and/or static energy. 


An intermediate/advanced vinyasa class, this creative sequence will take you on an adventure to all sides of your yoga mat. Open the chest, side body, and shoulders. Strengthen the legs, glutes, back body, and abdominals. Fluid and fiery, this class treats you to a little bit of everything with background music to accompany your flow. Yogis can expect arm balances, skull-shining breath, inversions, and backbends.

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