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Listen With Intent


I was speaking with a friend of mine this week about their aging parent. My friend expressed their fear that their parent may get ill as they do not take good care of themselves. Many ideas were put on the table for their parent to get healthy. 

I listened with intent.  

There are lots of “bio-hacks” out there but you won’t know their effect until you get to know yourself. Your body, your rhythm, what foods/sleep/exercise work for you. 

Connect to your body and mind first – then you’ll find the habits that work for you. I offered this advice to my friend along with a few practices that might help – yoga, yoga nidra, Tai Chi, chi gong and a few others. Once you can quiet the noise of life, you can hear your inner teacher.

My rule of thumb when trying something new is – how does it make me feel? Does my body say YES to it? Does it create more ease in my mind? Does my heart sing? 

Before I did my cleanse last week, I sat for a week trying to figure out which cleanse to do. Wild Rose, Kitchari, Juice, Keto – there are so many! 

I asked my body and waited. What came back was kitchari. It’s gentle, very nourishing and manageable when you don’t have the time and space to put the rest of life on hold. 

There are so many ways to go about being “healthy” – and not all of them are made for you. Try them all out  and then get quiet and listen to your body. How does it respond to this habit? What does your gut say? Does your heart agree? 

And if you can’t hear those answers, get quieter. 

Find practices that give you the space and breath to connect and listen to your wisdom.

What has your inner teacher been telling you as of late?


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