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There are those of us who live to work and those of us who work to live.

Until teaching, I worked to live. I showed up to my job ready to do all that was asked of me, and when it was time to clock out, I did. I left work and didn’t think about it until I went back for my next shift.

I saved my money so I could travel, eat out and buy the random item that tickled my fancy. Life was simple and good. When I started teaching yoga, it was similar. Show up, teach, leave.

A few months in, I decided I wanted to be really good at this job. So I started dissecting classes that I taught and classes I had taken, signed up for a few trainings a year and read lots. I wanted to learn more about the WHYs – why this poses worked together in a sequence, how to weave philosophy into my class and how I could show up better for my students.

After a few years of teaching, I began leading workshops, retreats and trainings. All of a sudden, I was no longer just a yoga teacher but a small business owner. Learning how to navigate taxes, market myself and registration. I enjoyed the challenge these new tasks brought. I’ve always enjoyed problem-solving and running your own business is 75% problem-solving. Even when I’m not “working,” I’m thinking about it.

Now I live to work.

Most of my time is spent on my business, whether it’s what we call in the restaurant industry – front of the house – teaching. Or back of the house – small business tasks. I don’t think i could work for someone else again. I enjoy the freedom I’ve created. That being said, I work 7 days a week – but only a few hours a day.
I’ve started mentoring again after taking a hiatus for a few years and realized today I have done a lot. And I’m stoked to do more. I’m still very inspired to do the work that I do – which I consider a blessing as so many teachers I know have stopped teaching from burnout or being unable to make enough to live on.

Family –
Do you live to work or do you work to live?
Are you fulfilled?
If yes, why is that?
If not, what could you create to bring more santosha/contentment into your life?

Tell me, tell me.


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