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This month, our focus at Practice With Clara was peak poses. We created big shapes in our bodies and felt all the feelings of those shapes.   Every Saturday I spent 30 minutes going over why we do them, different ways we can get into them and how to counter and neutralize after we’ve done them. I love love geeking out on the whys and hows.

For March, the focus is shifting into mudras and mantras. Mudra translates as “gesture” from Sanskrit. Technically all asanas are gestures but when we talk about mudras, we’re talking about hand gestures. These mudras can be done seated or in a standing asana. Mudras are usually done to call upon or cultivate a particular energy. One of my favorite mudras is Abhaya Hridaya. It is the mudra of courage and truth. It is associated with Durga, the warrior goddess. I have been using it my teaching and practice this week. It’s wonderful to do as a meditation or at the start and end of class. 

My current favorite mantra is Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. May all beings be joyful and free. It feels like the prayer we need. I like to think of mantras that I’m working with as my mottos, the saying I keep on repeat.

Q’s of the week:
What gesture have you been doing a lot this week?
What’s your current mantra?


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