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Hello Hello!

I’ve spent the last week in NYC. I haven’t been home since my mother passed 8 years ago. I wasn’t ready, it hadn’t felt right. And this month, it did. 

I got here and jumped right into the flow. Yoga, food, friends, work, sleep, repeat. It’s been refreshing being here. NYC moves fast. Businesses open, some close, neighborhoods evolve. I’m from Queens and haven’t even set foot into the borough this time. No one I know lives there anymore. 

Yoga studios, restaurants and coffee shops that I had loved in my yonder years have closed and new ones have taken their place. Some studios moved out of Manhatten and into Brooklyn. Every class I attended was also livestreamed. It was cool to see and observe how each class set up the cameras, laptops and mics. I learned a lot!

I’ve been sitting with how I want to show up as a teacher – in person, livestream, zoom classes. The landscape has changed for teachers and students alike. 

The classes I took were mostly full, with others joining online. 

If you had asked me in 2019 how I felt about livestream classes, I would have scoffed. Either practice on your own or come to class I would have replied. But hybrid? That sounds like a bit of a nightmare for the teachers. 

But in fact, it’s not. When we went fully digital during the pandemic, I learned how seamless it can be. As the teacher, you can spend more time class planning and less time commuting. As a student, practicing with a group of squares on zoom was comforting. Knowing that others were breathing and moving along with me felt good. Showing up to your mat can be the most challenging part of the practice and now we have more ways to traverse there. 

I still believe nothing beats being together in a room, co creating a bhavana/mood and not having the distractions of home life. That being said, finances, time constraints and location can hinder us from attending in person classes. 

I’ve been in the virtual yoga sphere since 2007 when I joined the MyYogaOnline community. I have seen how effective pre recorded classes have been for people. We can turn the focus inwards so that we don’t focus on the dust in the corner, the plant that needs watering and the dishes that need to be done. 

With so many studios offering hybrid classes – you can take classes from so many different teachers. The teaching community has evolved and I think it’s been a positive thing. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it but I’m now seeing how good it is. 

After the pandemic, yoga classes in Vancouver and around the world were slow. People weren’t ready to come back. But slowly, we’ve been converging again. And I’m thrilled. 

It was wonderful to be a student again in the town where I started my yoga journey. To take classes from some of my old teachers and some great new ones. It finally feels like we have turned the corner and are coming back in.

💗 Clara