Online Yoga and Mindfulness Trends in 2022

The surge in online yoga classes is anticipated to stay in 2022 as individuals worldwide seek the comfort and convenience of practicing yoga at home.
The fitness industry initially took a massive hit with the coronavirus outbreak in 2020 as studios and gyms shut their doors—temporarily and permanently. 

As a result, there’s been a growing increase in demand for online yoga classes and training, virtual retreats and workshops, emphasizing mindfulness practices. 

Preference for online and at-home workouts will change the $32 billion fitness industry as many studios and trainers opt for a hybrid style of instruction with in-person/online events. The options to pursue and support a lifestyle of wellness are endless, with ever-increasing opportunities to participate in on-demand subscription platforms and Livestream workouts with industry experts all over the world. 

While nothing can compare to coming together to break a sweat and experience the surge of endorphins in the community, many appreciate the benefits of online yoga and fitness classes. 

We analyzed the past 365 days on the Practice with Clara Apps to see who, what, where, when, and how our community showed up to practice in 2021.

Read on to see the top yoga classes, collections, Livestream events, and the countries and ways people participate in the online yoga community.

Practice with Clara Online Yoga Projections in 2022

Here’s where the team at Practice with Clara is focusing in 2022 to keep with the digital demand and support our online yoga community in maintaining a holistic at-home practice.
  1. Short 20-40 minute online yoga classes. 

  2. Strength training and core online yoga courses. 

  3. Meditation and restorative online yoga courses. 

  4. Yearly online Yoga Teacher Training with the Art of Sequencing

  5. Quarterly Online yoga digital daylong retreats.

  6. Weekly online yoga Livestream events

Clara is hosting her 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training virtually in 2022 to accommodate yoga students and teachers worldwide who want to develop their vinyasa yoga practice and understanding of yoga philosophy.

Top 10 Online Yoga Classes on Practice with Clara in 2021

Here are the top 10 online yoga classes on the Practice with Clara Apps in 2021. This data is based on the number of plays of each video. 
  1. Heart Wide Open – 2600 plays 
  2. Twisted Flow – 2051 plays 
  3. Durga Flow – 2000 plays
  4. We Are Energy – 1851
  5. Temper the Fire – 1700 plays
  6. A Gentle Awakening – 1690
  7. Arise and Illuminate – 1680
  8. Taking Flight – 1650 plays
  9. Know Thyself – 1590 plays 
  10. Presence – 1375 plays
The conclusion from these insights:
  • Classes between 30-60 minutes in length are ideal for our current online yoga community. 
  • Classic vinyasa is the preferred style of yoga. 
  • Flows featuring a variety of poses with twists, backbends, hip opening, leg strengthening, and breathwork are selected over peak pose online yoga classes. 

Top Online Yoga Live Events 2021 

For the duration of 2021, we hosted several Livestream yoga classes for the community to come together on Practice with Clara. We tried various times, days, durations, and styles of yoga to see what and how the online yoga community preferred to show up for practice. 

The initial and longest-running online yoga class is the Livestream vinyasa class each Saturday at 9 AM PST. This class hosts anywhere from 40-100 attendees each week. 

In October, for the Shadow School 30-Day Virtual Yoga Challenge, a Livestream Lila Flow class was held on Thursdays at 6 AM and 6 PM PST for the entire month. 

In December, a Livestream yin/restorative yoga class was added Thursday at 7 PM PST. 

Here are the top 10 Livestream classes with the yoga class and the number of attendees who joined us for an online yoga class on the Practice with Clara apps.  
  1. Saturday, April 24th –  Bag of Bones – 101 attendees 
  2. Saturday, April 3rd  – The Golden Egg  – 125 attendees 
  3. Saturday, April 10th – Kurmasana – 120 attendees 
  4. Saturday, April 17th – The Origin of Love – 93 attendees
  5. Saturday. March 27 – Shiva’s Gift – 81attendees
  6. Saturday, October 2nd – We Must Root Down – 85 attendees 
  7. Saturday. March 20th – The Great Balancer – 82 attendees
  8. Saturday. May 8th – Taste the Nectar – 82 attendees
  9. Saturday. May 1st – Carried by the Rhythm – 73 attendees
  10. Thursday, October 16th – Softening the Grip – 78 attendees
The conclusion from these insights:
  • The Saturday Livestream online yoga class at 9 AM PST is when people want to practice the most. 
  • April was our best-performing month, with over 100 attendees for each Saturday 9 AM Livestream online yoga class. In April, we hosted Energize 30-Day Yoga Challenge, which tells us participants stuck to the month of yoga and enjoyed coming together for a 30-day online yoga experience. 
  • The Saturday morning online yoga community prefers dynamic, fluid, and strong practices. 
  • Attendance in online yoga classes was the highest in the springtime months. 

Top 10 Online Yoga Collections

The Practice with Clara app is organized into online yoga class playlists and collections for practitioners to pick a class based on various themes. Practitioners can select a course based on their mood, preferred goal, or duration. 

Here are the top-played collections on Practice with Clara in 2021: 
  1. Vinyasa 20-30 minutes
  2. Vinyasa 40-50 minutes
  3. Vinyasa 60+ minutes
  4. Morning Practice Collection 
  5. 20-40 minute classes
  6. Evening Wind Down Collection 
  7. Get Strong Collection 
  8. 10-20 minute classes
  9. The Chakra Series 
  10. New to Yoga Collection 
The conclusion from these insights:
  • Our community prefers short, dynamic, online yoga classes. 
  • People like to search by the duration of the course.
  • Vinyasa yoga is the most-sought style of online yoga. 
  • The Chakra Series was our best-performing yoga series to date!
  • The ‘New to Yoga’ collection is helpful for those new to the app or online yoga. 
  • People are searching for yoga classes based on the time of day: morning and evening. 

Top 10 Countries Participating in Online Yoga Classes 

  1. Canada 
  2. USA 
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Australia
  5. Germany 
  6. Ireland
  7. Switzerland
  8. France
  9. Spain
  10. Japan

Top 3 Devices and Number of Video Plays

  1. Web browser on desktop – 93000 plays
  2. Native apps – 40000
  3. Web browser on mobile/tablet – 14000



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