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Open to the Possibilities

~to place in a sacred way~


One of my favourite Sanskrit words -within the meaning it reminds me to give meaning to all that I do.

I’ve spent the last two weeks immersed in our 200 hour yoga teacher training following a fairly regimented schedule, getting up at the same time every day (5am!) and going to bed at the same time every night (8pm). We went through the history of this rich lineage (starting in the Indus Valley circa 2500 BCE), read and discussed two of the sacred texts (Yoga Sutras & The Bhagavad Gita), asked ourselves the bigger questions (what’s the point of all this?) and shared our own histories of how we came to be here.

I have taught this training many times however each time is different since the students, group dynamic and I am different. I love having Yoga be the common ingredient, knowing that the recipe and therefore the dishes will taste, feel, and be experienced completely different each time.

It’s a reminder to stay open to the possibility of each experience, letting go of expectations of what came before.

And now, it’s time to rest and reset.
I hope you’re having a wonderful transition into fall and hopefully see you further down the path,

Flow with me online.

Below are a few short and sweet classes you might like…

This short vinyasa practice starts with heat right out the gates–core and handstand play–then goes into a fiery flow of twists, upper back strengthening and backbends. Ends with seated meditation or shavasana as you like. This is a personal fave.

Light Ourselves Up (8 min)
This short, yet invigorating, pranayama (breath work) practice is designed to create more energy in the body, focus in the mind and have a bit of fun while doing it. Great any time of day.

Unwind Your Shoulders (6 min)
This short flow was created to bring movement and relieve tension in shoulders and wrists after either sitting at the computer, cooking, making art or anything else that involves hunching over a table for an extended period of time. No mat necessary.

Hope you enjoy!


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