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Dance in this slow flow to open the heart space with hip flexor and hamstring lengthening

This class was inspired by the Sufi poet Rumi.

Questions to ask before or after a heart-opening class:

  • How would you define surrender
  • What is your relationship to surrender? 
  • Where in your physical body is it easeful to surrender?
  • Where in your body do you find it easy to soften and let go?
  • Where in your body is it a challenge to surrender? Soften? Let go?
  • Can you let go of your expectation of what is to come? 
  • Can I surrender to the process of exploration? 
  • Can I let go of the outcome? 
  • How can I soften the grip of control?
Clara Roberts Oss yogini

Backbends ask that we release tension, breathe deep, and connect to the heart’s energy.

Heart opening can be very uplifting and energizing. 

Backbends may bring up intense emotions or excitatory sensations.

Heart-openers connect the practitioner to the energy and emotional capacity of the heart chakra, where love, compassion, empathy, grief, and acceptance reside. 

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