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There are different kinds of exercises in yoga and it depends on the yoga teacher which exercises they are doing that day. If you are part of a yoga class, your teacher will inform you beforehand which exercises you will be doing that day so that you can come prepared for it. Back bending is a part of yoga and most of the pictures you see of yoga online are of yogis doing backbends.

More about Back Bending

Back bending involves bending the back forward or backward. You would be surprised to see what it can do for your physical and spiritual health. Our spines are strong yet flexible. While bigger bone in the back give us strength and the cartilage provides protection, the joints allow the back to be flexible. So, you can get into any pose and it would increase the strength of your back, if you are doing it right. Back bending is quite effective for physical wellness. Since the activity is invigorating, it helps in stretching the neck and back while keeping your chest flat. If you do these exercises regularly, your legs will gain more strength. It also makes arms and back stronger. Basically, the mobility of your back muscles is increased so the incident of back pain is reduced.

You might not have expected it when you first started doing back bending but it also has energetic benefits for your body. When you feel that you are in danger, your body has a natural reflex to curl up. Since the torso is the most vulnerable part of the body, as this is where the heart lies, our body tries to protect it by curling up. However, when you are doing backbends, you are making your body open. By exposing yourself, you are utilizing your courage. This also helps in giving you more courage and the ability to fight your fears.

Music for Back Bending

There are a lot of things that are important during back bending. You have to make sure that you do not end up injuring your back. This is why you must do back bending under the supervision of a teacher, when you are doing it as a beginner. Over time, you will learn to what extent your body can be flexible. This will prevent any injury. Also, you should do warm-up exercises so that your body does not get physically harmed during yoga.

Secondly, good music is very important. Expert yogis are able to do yoga even in silence and by listening to the sound of nature but when you are starting out, you need some background music. I have made this playlist for back bending lessons. Even if you are doing it at home, you can just play from the very beginning or choose any song to play for your exercise. Some of the songs in the playlist are longer so you can stay in your position for a longer time. I hope you find this playlist helpful.


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