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Yoga has a very calming influence on your body but there are several positions that help more than others. These positions are specifically aimed at stress relief. In this poses, you have to focus on one point and this helps in reducing stress. If you have been stressed lately and it is negatively affecting every aspect of your life and your relationship with others, then you should try yoga. It has been a helpful tool for centuries and people all over the world use it for stress management.

Yoga for Stress Management

One of the most common poses for stress management is the eagle pose. In this pose, you have to focus your mind on a single focal point. If there is physical stress in your body, such as in your hips or shoulders, this pose helps in relieving that stress too. When you are stressed, tension accumulates in your shoulders and you will feel soreness when you move. The eagle pose relieves stress from these focal points.

Another pose that really helps in stress management is the Uttanasana pose in which you stand and bend forward. This pose really helps in balancing the sacral chakra. Also, it promotes a feeling of wellness in the nervous system. If your stress is emotional or mental and your brain is busy with all this stressful information, you can calm your mind using this pose. The Child’s Pose is also quite beneficial for stress relief. It helps in improving blood circulation in your body as a result of which, all the limbs get the important fluids.

Finding a Focal Point

For most yoga poses, you will need a focal point as the center of attention and this is where things tend to get hard for some people. of course, it would be hard for anyone to stare at one thing for so long and not let their minds wander off to somewhere else. While this is hard in the beginning, it becomes an easy thing after time. You can choose anything as your focal point. For example, you can have an image in front of you that can be your focal point. Sometimes, yoga teachers would chant mantras and these phrases or words become the focal points.

If you are a music lover, you would know how easy it is to lose yourself into good music. A good song can be the perfect focal point for yoga as you can focus on one word or verse of that song. I have made a playlist of covers that you can play during yoga. The beauty of covers is that people have added their own style and sometimes a distinctive element to the songs. You will notice that most of these songs are shorter as compared to songs in my other playlist. That is just how most covers are. From John Mayer to Annie Lennox, there are some amazing artists on this playlist and they will surely mesmerize you.

A playlist of all covers for your enjoyment….




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