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Nowadays, we have made our lives so complicated and so busy with everything that we do. Social media takes a toll on your mental health but most people fail to see it until it is too late. It is not only social media that is increasing stress. Everyone has to go so many things in life, with family and friends. This is what makes the stress really soar. In times like these, yoga is the best gift that you can give your body. Many people are not completely aware of how important yoga is for their wellness. I can assure you that anyone who does yoga is well-equipped to deal with stress, whether it is physical or emotional.

Yoga to the Rescue

If you have been stressed lately, yoga can rescue you from this state as it lowers stress and helps in fighting off anxiety. For example, the Bridge Pose has a huge effect on your state of mind. It might be difficult for some people in the beginning but once you manage to do it, you can benefit almost all parts of your body. This pose stretches your legs and back. Along with that, it also helps in reducing anxiety and fatigue. If you have insomnia, you could try doing this before going to bed and it will restore your sleep cycle.

The corpse pose is the easiest to do as you just have to lie down and breathe deeply for a few minutes. You might wonder what simply lying there could do for me. Well, I can assure you that this pose will help you relax like nothing else. It relaxes your nervous system and slows down breathing. As a result, you feel relaxed and rested. The Extended Triangle pose is another effective pose for stress-relief. Moreover, it stretches your whole body so any physical stress is also relieved. One of the hidden benefits of this pose is that it improves digestion. It may also play a role in reducing anxiety. If you want to benefit your whole body, you can try the Legs up the Wall pose. This pose sends fluids to all parts of the body, especially the back and neck. With the blood circulation restored, your body will function better and be more active. The drainage of lymphatic fluid also gets better with these yoga poses.

Playlist for Yoga

I have named this playlist Sayulita after the beautiful town in Mexico. The town is known for its boutiques, bars and Pacific surf. If you like the whole vibe, you would love this playlist too. If you are a teacher, play this playlist and your students will definitely enjoy the whole boho-chic vibe. It is important for yogis to remember that yoga should relax you. You do not have to be uptight or aim for perfection and every song in this playlist is an embodiment of that.

Here’s a new playlist. I hope you enjoy.

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