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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast, where Clara and Stephanie discuss philosophy, yoga, and all things related to the practice.
In this episode, we interviewed fellow yogi and meditation teacher, Carolyn Anne Budgell, to talk about the practice of self-inquiry.
Clara and Carolyn share the questions they’re currently sitting with, how self-reflection impacts the mind and nervous system, and what kind of questions they pose for students. 
More about our guest:

In this episode:

More about this episode:
Introducing Carolyn Anne Budgell
Five questions that help listeners get to know our guest, plus a brief history of Clara and Carolyn’s relationship as friends and hosting yoga retreats, workshops, and teacher training, together for the past decade.
The Business of Yoga: Clara and Carolyn’s Relationship
The history of Clara and Carolyn’s teaching relationship, how they work together, their communication process, and what students receive when they attend one of the experiences, specifically around the process of self-inquiry.
The Process for Self-Inquiry
Clara and Carolyn talk about their process of self-inquiry, what questions they’re asking themselves, how they’re dealing with fear, and what they’re arriving and sitting within their practice.
How Internal Work Affects  Communities
Clara and Carolyn share how their internal work influences their communities in what they share and bring to the practice, specifically, what they offer to students and the questions they ask.
Why Meditation? Why Mantra? Why Sanskrit?
Inquiring into the why of what we teach, Clara and Carolyn go into why they gravitated toward and offer students mantra and meditation and discuss the inclusion of Sanskrit—specifically, saying Namaste at the end of class—in whether or not it serves.