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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast, where Clara and Stephanie discuss philosophy, yoga, and all things related to the practice.

In this episode, Clara and Stephanie reflect on the past year to highlight the challenges, inspirational interviews, and all they’ve learned. 

In this episode:

More about this episode:
The Origins of the Practice with Clara Podcast
Clara and Steph share the origin story of the Practice with Clara Podcast in how it came to be and how the intention and community have shifted over the year.
Highlights from a Year of Engaging Interviews
Clara and Steph share a few of the highlights with guests and topics presented in the podcast, including a few of their favourite interviews.
How We’re Cultivating Community in 2021
Clara shares the key feedback and requests made by the community and how the Practice with Clara team plans to respond in the New Year.
Focusing on Accountability and Motivation
Clara and Steph share the history of the 30-day challenges and how Practice with Clara infuses future events with more opportunities for practitioners to be motivated and held accountable.
The Biggest Takeaways and Learnings of 2020
Clara and Steph share their key takeaways and learnings from a year of online yoga, cultivating community, and hosting intimate conversations with guests on the podcast.
Teaching Public versus Online Yoga Classes
Clara shares how she’s adapted to teaching online classes, how sharing personal experience creates intimacy, and what’s shifted for her since teaching in the virtual realm.
LIVE Yoga Classes with Practice with Clara
Clara shares three things she’s looking forward to in 2021 regarding teaching and how the Practice with Clara platform is adding live yoga classes for the community.
Intention and Attention During the 30-Day Yoga Challenge
Clara shares what she hopes to provide for the community participating in the 30-Day Challenge that launches on January 1st, 2021.