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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast, where Clara and Stephanie discuss philosophy, yoga, and all things related to the practice.

In this episode, we interview Reiki Master, Alexis Anderson, to talk about the beauty of setting boundaries.


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Introducing Alexis Anderson

Meet Alexis Anderson of Reiki with Lex in how she hopes to inspire and work with others and the experience that shaped who she is today.


A Definition of Boundaries

Clara and Alexis share their definition of boundaries and how boundaries are presented in their lives through an understanding of codependency and saying no without feeling guilty or ashamed.


Energy Vampires: Lessons in Setting Boundaries

Clara and Alexis share what they’ve learned through setting boundaries, confronting energy vampires, and what shifted as a result.


We’re all Bozos on the Bus: Teaching Teachers

How to create space and set boundaries when hosting teacher training, workshops, and other professional events, where the attendees have an elevated knowledge of the material and may ask questions or challenge the ego.


Students Who Show Up: Passing on the Knowledge

Clara and Alexis share what soft skills and implicit learnings they hope to give students who show up for teacher training, inclusive of friendships that may last a lifetime!


Holy Fire Reiki: Alexis’s Practice and Teaching

Alexis shares what Holy Fire Reiki is, where it comes from, and how the community has transformed and shifted given the current landscape of moving clients and teacher training online.


Observing Stuck or Blocked Energy: What To Do?

Clara and Alexis share how they respond to energy blockages that they discover in the students and clients who show up and tactics that have served them to ground and connect to themselves in the midst of the chaos.


Boundaries to Attain Clarity and Groundedness

The types of boundaries Clara and Alexis set for themselves so they can enter spaces and teach others with a sense of clarity, groundedness, and control over their reactions.


Focus on Yourself

Clara and Alexis share what they’re currently focusing on, as this is the ultimate practice of setting boundaries, focusing on yourself.