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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast, where Clara and Stephanie discuss philosophy, yoga, and all things related to the practice.
In this episode, we interview Japanese Acupuncturist Alix Jean, on the body’s subtle and physical energy systems.

In this episode:

More about this episode:
Introducing Alix Jean
Alix joined us on the podcast to talk about TCM, her specialty of Japanese acupuncture, and how it differs from Chinese acupuncture.
Hara Diagnosis in Japanese Acupuncture
Alix explains the key difference between Japanese and Chinese acupuncture through Hara diagnosis, a reading of the gut and abdomen palpitations.
The Root Branch & Common Ailments
Alix shares some of the common ailments that show up as stress, postures, and some of the ways she works with the pain via the root branch.
Subtle Energy and Neurobiology in Acupuncture
Alix shares how acupuncture blends  Western and Eastern practices of the subtle energy body through the chakras and the neurobiology through fascia lines.
How We Heal Through Our Bodies
Alix and Clara share their favourite part about working with others and seeing people’s transformation and healing process in their bodies.
Fascia and the Nervous System
Alix and Clara share how the fascia lines of the body and nervous system are affected and change with the practice of yoga and the art of acupuncture.
Three Practices to Include in Your Day
Alix shares a few simple practices to help create harmony based on Eastern Medicine and Yin and Yang energies balancing.
How the Body Organs Correlate to Emotions
Alix delves into the elements, emotions, and qualities associated with each season and the body’s organs.