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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast where Clara and Stephanie discuss philosophy, yoga, and all things related to the practice. In this episode, we interview writer, yoga teacher, and founder of Girlvana Retreats, Alex Mazerolle, to talk about how we create and contribute to the community.
More about our guest:
Ally Mazerolle Website: https://www.alexmazerolle.com/
Girlvana Yoga Website: https://www.alexmazerolle.com/girlvana
Watch the full episode: https://tinyurl.com/pwc-podcast
Visit Clara Roberts Oss website: https://clararobertsoss.com/podcasts/  Learn more about our vinyasa flow yoga, online yoga classes, or try out the 30-day yoga challenge.
Music by Pete Wonder: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2VrPlfk05gv9KwCCM5She5

In this episode:

More on this episode:
Ally Maz and Girlvana Yoga
Introducing our guest, Ally Maz, and her project, Girlvana Yoga. Ally is a yoga teacher, author, and entrepreneur; Girlvana is her project that provides yoga and retreats for teenage girls.
Getting to Discern Ally Maz
Ally shares a few personal insights to help listeners get a feel for who she is, including her all-time favorite book, and the items she never leaves the house without.
What’s Your Superpower?
Ally and Clara share their superpowers and what it is they offer their community.
Healing to Create Space for Community
Ally and Clara share their stories in how they’ve healed through hardship and what they learned through and with the communities they relied on.
Being with Community: Learning through Others
Ally and Clara share what they’ve learned through community and with others, that they may not have discovered had they been on their own.
Key Qualities of Being with Others
Ally and Clara share how they hold space for others and create the container for the community to flourish and people to feel safe as they enter.
How to Manage Overshares
Ally and Clara share how they manage overshares that occurs in practice, workshop, or retreats, with themselves if they overstep a boundary, or with others who are oversharing and making others uncomfortable.
The Four Agreements
Clara shares the four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and how she uses them in all teacher training (plus a fifth agreement she’s added to the list) to create a safe space for all participants.
Active Listening and How we Receive
Ally and Clara share what makes a great listener, and the difference in how adults and youth learn, listen and engage.