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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast where Clara and Stephanie discuss philosophy, yoga, and all things related to the practice. In this episode, we interview Mindful Business Coach Andrea Freeman to get insight on how to sustainably grow the Practice with Clara Community.
More about our guest:
Andrea Freeman: https://www.andreafreemanconsulting.com/
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In this episode:

More about this episode:
Introducing Andrea Freeman
Andrea joins us on the podcast to share mindful business insights on how we can grow the Practice with Clara brand.
The Current Business Landscape at Practice with Clara
Clara and Stephanie share the story of how Practice with Clara has evolved since 2019 for Andrea to give feedback on how and where we should grow and focus.
Sustainably Growing the Community
Clara talks about one of the main goals at Practice with Clara in growing the community while honoring a balance in lifestyle and setting achievable goals.
Tools to Delegate to Create More Time for Less Work
Andrea and Clara go deep into how delegation feels and looks in Clara’s life with the business, and what some of the obstacles may be in handing-off tasks.
Feeling Valid and Safe in Asking for Support
In examining delegation and how to practice asking for support, Andrea has Clara recall a time when she didn’t feel safe or supported when she asked for help.
How to Create a Space of Belonging and Acceptance
Andrea asks Clara what it would feel and look like, to show up in the business and ask for help, and what the effect would be on the community and business.
Making Space for Others to Show Up for You
Andrea shares how when you don’t create the space to ask for help, others don’t know how to approach the situation and show up to support even when they want to.
Creating Structure, Support, and Measurable Goals
Andrea asks Clara and Stephanie what they love bringing to the team, where they need support, and if there are measurable goals that will help to grow the community and business.
Going Deep into Data to See Where to Focus
Andrea advises focusing on one specific area where the data is proving audience interest and engagement, to create a more concentrated voice to provide impact and amplify.
How You Do One Thing, Is How You Do Everything
The discussion shifts toward mindfulness and integrity; Andrea shares how she got into Mindfulness Coaching and how we might bring awareness to all that we do?
Let Your Personal Evolution Fuel Your Business Revolution
Andrea shares how all aspects of our lives are integrated, and to create a truly authentic and charismatic story, refinement in our personal lives will help our businesses flourish.