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September 29, 2020

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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast, where Clara and Stephanie discuss philosophy, yoga, and all things related to the practice.
In this episode, we interview fellow yogi and Kundalini teacher Sara Jade or SJ to talk about all the ways we celebrate the cycles, create sacred space and ceremony, and let go with grace.
Sara Jade is a Kundalini Yoga teacher from Vancouver, BC, and co-founder of The Dharma Temple.
My life is a Spiritual practice. My breath, body, emotions,  and environment create my sacred space.” – Sara Jade. 

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3-Questions to Introduce Sara Jade

We ask our guest  3 questions to help listeners get to know SJ; how do you fill your physical/spiritual garden, what’s a problem you’re currently sitting with, and how do you prefer to celebrate?


Embracing the Cycles

SJ discusses her latest online offering, the Autumn Equinox Inner Harmony Workshop, which explores honouring the cycles of the seasons and embracing the elements.


Simple Practices to Honour Autumn

SJ shares a few of her current practices as we shift into fall, including a recommendation to slow down and breath-balancing pranayama.


Stepping into Ceremony with Self

SJ shares how to create a ceremony of self by making time to acknowledge any growth or change that’s occurred and how self-reflection serves as a tool to align with where you want to be.


Living with Reverence for Life

How we express reverence in our day-to-day lives, with an emphasis on simplicity, living with intention, and appreciating the cycles of life and death; joy and grief.


How the Hindu Deities Express the Cycles of Life

Clara shares how and which deities of the Hindu Pantheon, the Tridevi and Trimurti, express the cycles of life: creation, preservation, and destruction, and how this cycle affects the practice.


Tea Ceremony and Tea as the Teacher

SJ shares her current practice of sitting with tea and tea ceremony, specifically, how the teacher teaches how to slow down and be more receptive.


How Pranayama Influences Our Mood

Clara shares some of the pranayamas she’s been doing to calm and create space and the pranayama she does with Karmen to bond and play.


A Definition for Sacred Space and Ceremony

SJ and Clara share their definition of sacred space and how they step into the ceremony, with a brief guide for listeners on creating markers for sacred moments through ritual to transcend the mundane.


Letting Go with Grace

A conversation around how we let go and when we know it’s time to let go, specifically, in how SJ let go of the Dharma Temple this year and how to do so with a sense of surrender to trust the process.