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March 1, 2020

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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast, where Clara and Stephanie discuss philosophy, yoga, and all things related to the practice.
In this week’s episode, Clara and Stephanie share their beauty report and discuss Lakshmi as a symbol of hope.

In this episode:


Embracing the Unknown

How can we dance in the ananda (bliss) and the Tandava (destruction) as we embrace the unknown of what’s happening in our world right now?    
A Practice for Beauty
Why and how we should seek beauty in our lives. What beauty provides in times of duress.  “When we seek out beauty in times of distress, it is a way to give our bodies, minds, and soul, faith, and hope.”   – Sally Kempton, Awakening Shakti.   
Ways to Feed Your Soul
Clara shares her Beauty Report by exploring nature, reconnecting with family, and savouring the process of a home-cooked meal to allow beauty to reveal life’s simple pleasures.   
Lakshmi as a Symbol of Hope
How to harness Goddess Lakshmi in your world to influence hope and faith.