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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast where Clara and Stephanie share their unique perspectives on philosophy, yoga, and how to run a business as a yoga instructor. Today’s discussion focused on mantra, including the how, when and why to include in class; lineage and authenticity; and the shift in energy through vibration and sound.
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In this episode:

Here’s more on what we talked about in this episode:
2:04 – Mantra for Saraswati
Chant for Saraswati, the muse of creation, and goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and speech.
6:42 – Offering Mantra to Students
How to offer mantra to students with a few book recommendations to guide your process.
11:48 – Mantra as an Anchor
Starting class with mantra to anchor your class and ground for students, and yourself.
15:52 – Unique Ways to Offer Mantra
How mantra can be taught through two styles, melody or metronome, to invite others to join.
17:30 – Sanskrit in Yoga Classes
When and how to bring Sanskrit into yoga classes when teaching, especially when considering new students.
20:05 – Lineage influence over Mantra
What lineages include mantra and how to intentionally include mantra in class.
23:31 – Intention is Everything
The recipe to create by placing pure intention into the sound to shift and transform through the quality and expression of the mantra.
28:44 – Benefits of Mantra
The vibration we feel in mantra to express our collective energy and remind us of our shared experience.
30:36 – How to Set Positive Affirmations
Selecting words in any language you prefer to create positive affirmations to focus the mind.