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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast. This episode reveals the growth strategies for yoga teachers and small businesses that the Practice with Clara Team used to get ahead. In an interview with co-founders Clara Roberts-Oss and Alejandro Arce, you’ll learn about the essential tasks and tactics to working as a team to grow your community and small business. 
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In this episode:

This interview includes: 
  • How to establish trust and set boundaries within your team.
  • The importance of delegating tasks to get ahead.
  • Why asking for help is so necessary.
  • How to hire, who to hire, and the skills to look for.
  • Navigating the digital realm as yoga teachers. 
  • Tips on how to work within a small budget.
  • The questions to ask to best support your team and produce the best product.
  • & more!