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June 15, 2020

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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast, where Clara and Stephanie discuss philosophy, yoga, and all things related to the practice.

This week’s theme was Giving and Receiving. Clara and Stephie share a meditation practice for compassion, tools on how to create boundaries, and how to shift energy and emotions.

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In this episode:

Why We Balance Rigidity with Fluidity
Excerpt from Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore and how rigidity may serve as a container as you create your own way.
How Hard Do You Push?
Weeks into the 30-Opportunities Yoga Challenge, how do you stay within the discipline of the practice while honouring where you are physically and mentally to avoid pushing too hard?
Breaking Away from Societal Norms
The need to break away from societal norms to examine what fosters inner satisfaction and fuels personal values and desires.
A Meditation for Compassion
Pema Chodron’s Tong Len, a meditation for compassion, how to do it, when to use it, and how it serves.
Tactics to Purge Energy That Is Not Yours
How to clear and cleanse the energy that isn’t yours that you may pick up as an empath.
Reiki and How it Works
Using Reiki, a healing modality to shift energy, to clear an experience.
Tools on How to Create Boundaries
Tactics to understand how you give and/or receive to understand better how you take up space when coming into contact with others.
How to Shift Energy and Emotions
Ways to clear energy and emotions that rise and cause an intense reaction, to forgive, learn to let go, and come back to neutral.
Surrendering Control and Receiving the Moment
Excerpt from The Dark Night by Thomas Moore discusses the importance of receiving things for what they are and surrendering to the moment.