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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast where Clara and Stephanie share their unique perspectives on philosophy, yoga, and how to run a business as a yoga instructor. Each week is tailored around a specific theme to center the discussion. This week’s theme was beauty and this podcast is a Q&A on the business of yoga.
Watch the full episode: https://tinyurl.com/pwc-podcast

In this episode:

10:11 – Dancing with the Ego
Working with a partner in your business and managing expectations, deliverables, and work/life balance.
12:55 – Resolving Conflict
Setting boundaries and exploring ways to diffuse strong emotions and settle conflict with your partner.
16:29 – Confidence in Your Team
Create a kick-ass team by hiring people with confidence in what they do.
22:57 –  The Value of Mentorships
How mentorships benefit your business and the community through fueling ideas and inspiration.
26:48 – Get Creative in Hiring Out
How and why you should hire help to keep the momentum building in your business.
30:09 – Making Money in Yoga
How to keep the financial strain at-bay as a yoga teacher.
31:40 – Space to Play & Balance
How to avoid burn out and keep multiple opportunities alive through variety, variety is the spice of life!
35:15 – Adapting to Studio Ethics
How to honour your lineage and how you teach while accommodating students and studio demands.