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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast, where Clara and Stephanie discuss philosophy, yoga, and all things related to the practice.
In this episode, we interviewed Doula and TCM Therapist, Irene Sanchez, to discuss how we receive, shift, and play with energy.
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In this episode:

More on this episode:
Introducing Irene Sanchez
Irene joined us today to discuss energy; here’s more about Irene in terms of her experience, education, and healing practices.
Staying Open to the Energetic Realm
Clara and Irene share their experience working with energy, including what it is, how it feels, and how to direct and manage the energy we receive from others and our environment.
How the Vayus  and Acupuncture Address Energy
Clara describes the vayus of Indian philosophy and how they relate to energy, and Irene goes into how acupuncture affects the energy body and what channels are stimulated.
Preparing to Receive Energy
Clara and Irene share how they take care of themselves—including the mindfulness practices they use—to effectively receive and reciprocate their energy when working with students and out in the world.
Visualization Practices to Work with Subtle Energy
Clara and Irene share the visualization practices they use with students and clients to engage the energy body, including why they choose visualization practices to affect the body and mind.
The AdiShakti Method
AdiShakti is Irene’s combination of practices; it bridges Western Medicine with Eastern practices and TCM with body-mind therapy.
Who Are Your Teachers?
Clara and Irene share the people who’ve created a safe space to learn, play, and explore how we perceive and receive energy.