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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast, where Clara and Stephanie discuss philosophy, yoga, and all things related to the practice.
In this episode, we interview yoga teacher Janet Stone on the power of coming together as a Sanga and creating rituals through Sadhana.
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In this episode:

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Introducing Janet Stone
Janet shares how she came to yoga and started teaching, her early teachers and initial influencers of the practice, and the early days of solo travel with her two little girls.
A Celebration of Being Together Online
Janet touches on her lifestyle and current offerings since the onset of COVID-19, including what her practice looks like and the benefits of online yoga.
Exploring Your Passion through Collaboration
Janet shares how she started collaborating with musicians and the benefit of working with talented people who share your passion.
Mantra as a Muse and Being With What Is
Janet’s offerings are rooted in a mantra; she shares how she became attune and inspired by sound vibration and how it unites practitioners with Bhakti, the practice of devotion.
Geeking Out on Slow Flow
Janet and Clara share what they’re craving in their personal practices and how they’re geeking out on slower flows, restorative, and nourishing rituals.
Yoga and Aligning with Motherhood
Janet and Clara share how the practice of motherhood influences and inspires the art of yoga.
Fierce Boundaries and Learning What to Let Go
Janet shares her tips for managing time, working with a team, and how she created a container for her prana to direct her energy and efforts into her values.
How Do We Support Each Other as a Global Community?
Clara and Janet touch on some of the massive shifts in the yoga industry, given the current landscape, and how we may let go and grieve as we transition into unknown territory.
Honouring a 40-Day Sadhana
Janet shares some of her current online sessions with her upcoming 200h and 300h YTT, live yoga sessions, and her 40-Day Sadhana that starts in January for all to gather and focus their attention.