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Welcome to the #PracticWithClara Podcast where Clara and Stephanie discuss philosophy, yoga, and all things yoga-related. This week our theme was the Warrior and we read the Bhagavad Gita. We discussed three of the major themes from the Gita including action for action’s sake, devotion, and fate.

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In this episode:

Here’s more on what you’ll learn in this episode:
4:07 – Synopsis of The Bhagavad Gita
One of India’s epic narratives, a conversation between Arjuna and Krishna on how to deal with intense moral decisions.
7:22 – Backstory to the Battlefield
What led Arjuna to the battlefield and how he wound up with Krishna (God) as his advisor.
15:03 – The Dualistic Nature of Humanity
How The Gita captures the light and dark of what it means to be human and all of our flaws.
15:58 – Why Read a Book About War?
As yogis, we practice ahimsa (non-violence) so why would we study a book about violence?
20:18 – Action for Action’s Sake
Why we should act for action’s sake and not strive for the desired result, and do what we need to because its what needs to get done.
21:48 – The Warrior We Call Upon
Clara shares how we call upon the warrior when we need courage, or to discover our truth and speak our truth.
28:27 – I Am Death, Shatterer of Worlds
Reading and discussion of an excerpt from The Gita, 11:32
34:40 – Acting for the Greater Good
The importance of coming together as a collective through examples of The Gita and voting in the Americas.
37:33 – What is Fate?
Examining the idea of fate in how energies come together as we interact with the world.
41:25 – Who Creates Change?
A story about children on a playground and the rhythm of energy created, and asking: who is creating the rhythm?
43:30 – The Indigo Children
Who are the indigo children, why are they important, and some examples of where and how they live today.
47:17 – The Great Revelation
Reading from The Gita, where Krishna reveals Arjuna his cosmic form and discussion of devotion being a devoted student to the practice.
53:00 – The Power of Bhakti, Devotion
Why we act from a pure place in the heart, as an offering to something outside of yourself, to let go of ego and melt into the Divine.