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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast where Clara and Stephanie share their unique perspectives on philosophy, yoga, and how to run a business as a yoga instructor.
In today’s discussion, we learned about Retreat Planning and Execution for Yoga Teachers with marketing and business insights to focus your messaging.
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In this episode:

Here’s more on what we discussed in this episode:
4:07 – Retreat marketing to establish relationships
How to market your retreat around the benefits of building your community and relationships.
11:46 – Price and promise: what to offer on retreat
How to frame the timeline for your retreat and what you offer your guests
18:16 – Location, budget, & timeline for a global retreats
How to select the location, plan your budget, and manage the timeline for hosting an international retreat.
22:59 – How to plan and motivate through messaging
Plan your messaging for the year, week-to-week, to stay organized and motivate your guests.
26:08 – How to stay ahead of the curve
The benefit of partnering with a pal and how to be different in an industry that is so saturated
30:04 – The shifting demand in yoga
What’s next in the industry- can you try to anticipate and create new and unique value for your community by thinking ahead.
32:40 – Benefits of staying open to feedback
Touch-points to get feedback and communicate with your guests and the benefit of providing stellar customer service.
34:59 – Learning behind-the-scenes
The perks of assisting on a retreat to learn the behind-the-scenes and navigate the conflicts that arise before you host your own.
41:33 – Impostor syndrome and how to deal