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August 11, 2020

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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast, where Clara and Stephanie discuss philosophy, yoga, and all things related to the practice.

This episode discusses the 6th chakra – Ajna or the third-eye chakra, and its themes, including blockages and imbalances. Clara and Stephanie also share their stories when they feel connected to inner wisdom.


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Experience The Chakra Collection on Practice with Clara with yoga, meditation, and mantras to harness the energy of each of the chakras.

In this episode:

More on this episode:


Qualities of the Third-Eye Chakra, Ajna
Introducing the 6th chakra at the third eye center and its themes.


Seeing Yourself in the Bigger Picture
How we might approach situations to examine our place in the world and who we are.


Connecting to Wisdom Through Quiet
Silence and stillness are great teachers, why we might sit in how we feel to meet the teacher within.


Choosing Truth Over Ignorance
The choices we make lead us toward a deeper truth or keep us sheltered in ignorance.


Meet Your Fears, Conquer the Chaos
To shift, we must face our fears and step into the chaos and how the practice serves as a tool to help us ground and grow.


Stepping Out of the Madness
How to create calm and connect to our inner wisdom in the center of the storm, what are ways we can do this in the heat of the moment?


Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Ego
Exploring Sutra 11.6 in the Yoga Sutras, a text for modern-day yogis as a guiding philosophy for meditation to connect to the higher self.


Intuition versus Ego: How We Identify
The strive for balance in our inner wisdom and intuition (6th chakra themes) with the safeguard of the ego (1st chakra fear-based).


Trust Your Gut
When to put down the theory and analysis of an event, and trust your gut and what you already know.


Listen and Doubt: Why We Need Both
Listening to inner wisdom usually leads us to the answers, but along the way, there’s a need to doubt and ask questions to validate our instincts.


Connecting to the 6th Chakra
Get quiet, get still, and simplify your actions to connect to your inner wisdom and truths.