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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast where Clara and Stephanie share their unique perspectives on philosophy, yoga, and how to run a business as a yoga instructor. Today’s discussion focused on the power of routine with Japa mala, the effect of mudra, and the significance of 108.

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In this episode:

Here’s more on what we discussed in this episode:
2:05 – Japa Mala How-To
The traditional way to take japa mala.
5:50 – Prayer vs. Bling Beads
The significance of having separate prayer beads for japa mala and mala you wear.
8:50 – How to Count Cycles of Mantra
Demonstration of the two ways to count cycles of mantra keeping track of the number using your hands.
10:58 – The Significance of 108
Why the number 108 has such spiritual and numerical significance.
13:21 – The Power of Repetition
How chanting or repetitive movement for a period of time creates the space to transform you.
17:22 – How Mudra Affects the Energy Body
Using mudras to create a particular mood in the body and instigate change.
21:08 – Offer for Frontline Workers
We’d love to offer 3-free months on the #PracticeWithClara site to all frontline workers at this time.