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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast. Clara and Stephanie share their unique perspectives on philosophy, yoga, and how to run a business as a yoga instructor. Each week is tailored around a specific theme to center the discussion. This week’s theme was beauty and the many multifaceted ways to create, experience, and dance with beauty in your world.


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In this episode:

Today is a special AMA with Clara Roberts-Oss!  
1:42 – Meditation on Lakshmi
Clara guides us through a meditation for Lakshmi, the Goddess of Beauty, Fertility, and Abundance.
4:20 – Creative Process in Teaching  
Clara’s creative process and how she weaves themes and poses into sequences based on each class.
7:47 – Planning for New Teachers
What to do as a new/novice yoga teacher and how to plan accordingly for students.
10:51 – Intelligent Sequencing & Movement  
An introduction to Shiva Rea, founder of Wave Theory and Prana Flow Vinyasa Yoga.
12:26 – Alternative Teaching Styles  
Exploring different ways and teachers to express and open up the body.
15:15 – Create Community  
The importance of staying connected and inspired by your peers by attending a variety of public classes.
18:07 – Filming Yoga Videos  
How to create yoga videos for online classes and content.
23:17 – Conversational Yoga  
Learning the language of yoga as a new teacher and discovering your voice.
27:24 – Honour Your Own Process  
Each teacher is unique in what they bring to the table, honour what serves you!