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August 26, 2020

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Welcome to the #PracticeWithClara Podcast, where Clara and Stephanie discuss philosophy, yoga, and all things related to the practice.

In this episode, we went into the travel series and discussed our travel hacks, the top 5 things we always carry with us, the poses to do after a long day of travel, and the benefit of travel in a shifting perspective.

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Travel and Perspective

Adapting to our current landscape/lack of travel and how we might shake up our routine.


Shifting the Assemblage Point
Exercises to shift perspective and connect to our centre through activities other than travel, including yoga, meditation, and visualization.


Top 5 Travel Hacks
What to pack and how to pack; Clara and Stephanie share their 5 essential travel hacks.


Poses Post Travel
The yoga poses to do post-travel to ground, groove, and get the body moving after long periods of sitting.


Travel Plans: Routine or Ride the Wave?
Choosing ritual or routine to ground when someplace new, or creating new habits and structures in a new environment.