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Enrich your pregnancy

with a daily yoga practice*

With 26 classes to choose from,

broken up into 4 trimesters –

this pre & postnatal Yoga series

will nurture your body and mind as you move through one of life’s transformational journeys.

Check out the

Prenatal Yoga Series Online here.

At the Practice With Clara Virtual Studio.
Scientific studies prove the effectiveness of yoga in reducing stress during pregnancy.

Why I created this Pre/Postnatal Yoga Series

The classes featured in this series were filmed while I was pregnant with my daughter. 
My vision behind this series was to offer a broad range of classes for each trimester so that there would be a class for you depending on how you were feeling when you came to your mat. 
This series is geared towards yoginis practicing yoga before their pregnancy.
You’ll find Vinyasa, Hatha, restorative, and meditation classes.
The series is broken up into four trimesters. The first three – your pregnancy and the 4th trimester – after you’ve given birth. 
You don’t need to stick to the classes in a particular trimester; instead, explore the courses you are drawn to. 
The series includes a video  tutorial on modifications for each trimester and a link to a post I wrote on the modifications. 
My goal is for you to feel empowered to continue to practice yoga throughout your pregnancy. 
Prenatal Yoga Online provides classes for seasoned yogis AND those new to the practice. 

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga Online

  • Do yoga in the comfort of your home, anytime.
  • Connect with your body and baby.
  • Maintain your yoga practice at your own pace.
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Learn how to modify as you move through each trimester.
prenatal yoga with clara

How To Access The Prenatal Series Online

🔶 Sign up for a monthly/quarterly/annual membership on Practice with Clara (you can cancel any time)
🔶 Buy the series and receive lifetime access to the classes!

Prepare Yourself for Childbirth

Through conscious breathwork and postures,

strengthen your body and mind,  this prenatal yoga online series will

help prepare for your labour & delivery

Featured in the Prenatal Yoga Online Collection:

  • Prenatal yoga online for trimesters 1-3.
  • Postnatal yoga online for trimester 4.
  • Accessible for yogis of all levels.
  • Meditations to accompany each trimester.
  • Modifications for prenatal yoga online. tutorial

The Power of Conscious Rest During Pregnancy

Rest is so important—especially when pregnant for you and the baby.

Enjoy a free Yoga Nidra class to:
  • Reduce stress and angst.
  • Develop body awareness through each trimester.
  • Ease nausea. 
  • Cope with pain and tension.

Advice from Clara on Prenatal Yoga

Every woman is so different; the practice will evolve as you do.

The Key-

LISTEN TO Your body 

It will let you know if the poses/practice is working for you or not. 
Remember –
  • Every day is different.
  • Show up to your mat with minimal expectations.
  • Deepen your inner listening and let your body tell you what it needs. 
Bottom line –
Every pregnancy is different; listen to your body.

Maintain your yoga practice

We have varying styles, levels, and lengths of classes for pregnant mamas in each trimester, including:

  • Vinyasa Prenatal Yoga online.
  • Hatha Prenatal Yoga online.
  • Yin/Restorative Prenatal Yoga online.
  • Mantras & Pranayamas.
  • Meditation.

Practice with Clara Prenatal Yoga Online

You can do ALL the classes in any trimester as long as you know how to modify—watch the Modifications for Prenatal Yoga video to see all the various modifications with props to adjust as your belly gets bigger.

I’ve included modifications in the classes for each trimester, so if you don’t remember/watch the video, don’t sweat it!

Classes Included in each trimester...

Trimester 1: Slow It Down

The first series of the prenatal yoga online collection features six classes. Hatha, Slow Flow, Restorative, and Meditation courses will help you slow down while maintaining a movement practice.

As your body adjusts to the flux of hormones and the baby growing inside of you, this is a crucial time. The fetus is attaching to the uterus, so you need to be very careful and mindful when you move.

General Rules:

  • No Inversions

  • No or minimal core

  • No deep backbends

The classes in this series include:

  1.  Be Gentle Restorative Yoga

  2. Simple Flow Vinyasa Yoga

  3. Rest with Ease Yin Yoga

  4. Get Wide Yin Yoga

  5. To the Moon Vinyasa Yoga

  6. Yoga Nidra Meditation. 

Trimester 2: Take It Up

The second series of the prenatal yoga online collection features six classes. If you’re feeling like you can handle more movement and vigor in body and mind, the second trimester classes offer a bit more flow. 

I felt more adjusted and at home in my body in this trimester. I was able to revisit more movement and dynamic poses that I had to avoid in my first trimester.  mothers usually feel a lot better in this trimester. If you’re feeling up to it, keep moving. If not, stay at the level and pace you feel comfortable.

General Rules: 

  • Inversions are OK if you had an inversion practice beforehand.

  • Core exercises are OK – just move slowly to stay integrated and continue to check in with how this feels in your abdomen.

  • Backbending is OK. 

The classes in this series include:

  1.  Grace You Move Me Vinyasa Yoga.

  2. Restore Us Both Restorative Yoga.

  3. The Ability to Sustain Vinyasa Yoga.

  4. Go With the Flow Vinyasa Yoga.

  5. Strong Back Vinyasa Yoga.

  6. Mudra Meditation. 

Trimester 3: Get Strong

The third series of the prenatal yoga online collection features seven classes. This is the time to get strong in both body and mind. The courses in this series feature breathwork and simple poses to create strength and space to prepare you for childbirth.

Please take rest when you need it; in my pregnancy, each day felt so different from the day before, so honor your body and where you are at. 

No more vinyasas, instead take cat/cows or camel pose. Don’t lie on your back at this point as it can put too much weight on the sacral area.

General Rules:

  • Inversions are not recommended. 
  • Minimal core exercises.
  • Backbending is OK; I would recommend a camel pose or bridge pose. 
The classes in this series include:
  1. Create Calm Vinyasa Yoga.
  2. A Moment to Myself VinyasaYoga.
  3. In My Own Ocean Hatha Yoga.
  4. Put It In Park Restorative Yoga.
  5. Listen Hatha Yoga. 
  6. Compassion Meditation.

Trimester 4: Recover

The fourth series of the prenatal yoga online collection features five classes, and you can choose from any of the classes on the app to reconnect to your body.

The postnatal trimester is meant to help you ease back into the practice. The postnatal series could be geared towards those who have just given birth or anyone who wants a slower class. 

Postnatal yoga aims to build strength in the core and pelvic floor and create space in shoulders and upper back. The idea is to strengthen the muscles strained in childbirth and relieve any tension in the arms and back from holding and feeding your baby. 

General Rules:

  • A focus on rebuilding the core and pelvic floor.
  • A focus on upper back and shoulder strengthening.
The classes in this series include:
  1. Acceptance Vinyasa Yoga.
  2.  Stay Low Hatha Yoga.
  3. Space Through Strength Vinyasa Yoga.
  4. River of Prana Meditation.
  5. Ganesha Meditation. 

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