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Reconnect 30 Day Yoga Series

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    Perks of the 30-Day Yoga Series Daily Email:

    • 2 classes per day. 
    • Yoga calendar.
    • 10-60 minute practices.
    • Vinyasa, slow flow, Hatha, restorative/yin.
    • Meditation + mantra.

    Why Commit to a 30-Day Yoga Series?

    • Short yoga classes to make it to your mat each day. 
    • Strengthen your core to enhance stability.
    • Stretch your muscles to create space in your body.
    • Develop mindfulness practices to calm the nervous system. 
    • Play with peak yoga poses to advance your practice.  

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    How to Join Reconnect 30-Day Yoga Series

    If you are a Practice with Clara member—you’re all set! The  for you to preview the month of classes.

    If you’re not a community member, join us – sign up here.

    Please read ALL the instructions before signing up. 
    1. Visit the Practice with Clara App on your desktop.
    2. Select the monthly subscription option.
    3. Fill out the required information to activate your account.
    4. Enjoy a weeks-worth of yoga—cancel anytime!
    5. Download the Practice with Clara App on your mobile device from AppleGoogle Play, or Android.
    New members will access the 30-Day Yoga Series and over 200 classes on the Practice With Clara app. At the end of the series, if you enjoyed practicing with us and would like to continue with the app, you do not need to do anything. 
    **Important for new members to note:
    If you do not cancel your membership before the next month’s billing cycle, you will continue with a paid subscription and be charged the $18.99 monthly fee. We DO NOT offer refunds. It’s up to you to cancel your membership before the month is up to avoid being charged. 

    Next steps:

    Save your calendar

    Follow the month of classes; feel free to take savasana or move the class order if your body needs rest. 

    30 Opportunities to (re)Connect to Yourself

    Join me for a month of making it to your yoga mat daily—even if it’s just for 5-minutes!

    10 Advantages to a Practice with Clara Membership:

    1. Join a LIVE yoga class each week.
    2. Members-only Events + Daylong Retreats.
    3. New on-demand VinyasaLila FlowMeditation + Mantra content added each week.
    4. Progressive 7-Day Series Playlists that build to peak yoga postures.
    5. 30-Day Yoga Challenges with gifts for practitioners.
    6. Get a Daily Email with themed classes, content, and interviews with industry experts!
    7. Join a global community of yoga teachers + students.
    8. Advance access + invitations to Yoga Teacher Training and Workshops.
    9. Class of the Day for each month with themed yoga classes to embody a specific topic.
    10. We help to hold you accountable to a daily yoga practice with motivational prompts, inspirational content, and questions to support you along your journey with us!

    If you love Reconnect 30-Day Yoga Series, join us on the Practice with Clara Apps for the Class of the Day!

    The Class of the Day is the featured month of classes. The monthly schedule follows the Practice with Clara Program, rotating between the different styles of yoga to avoid burnout, strain, and fatigue. 

    In the Class of the Day Playlist, you’ll see two yoga/meditation classes to choose from. We choose the classes for you, so you don’t have to worry about selecting what yoga class to do. We limit the options for you to focus on making it to your yoga mat to practice—much like you would in an in-person yoga class. Based on the current day of classes, you can choose your desired style, level, length, and theme.

    In this playlist, you will also find the monthly series. Each month on Practice with Clara features a unique yoga series or 30-day yoga challenge. The yoga challenges appear in January, April, and October. These events are free for all new members. The monthly yoga series offers classes and bonus content designed around a specific theme. 

    Read the full blog post to learn about the Practice with Clara Program and see how you will benefit from a daily yoga class. 

    Check out the 30-Day Yoga Series on Practice with Clara:

    The monthly yoga series are included in the Practice with Clara Apps membership
    February – Peak Pose 30-Day Yoga Series

    This series starts on February 1st.

    The collections in this playlist are accredited by Yoga Alliance and count toward CE (Continuing Education) credited hours.

    Explore peak yoga asanas with:

    • Svarga Dvidasanas (Bird of Paradise).
    • Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose).
    • Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand). 
    • Kurmasana (Turtle Pose).
    March – Nourish 30-Day Yoga Series

    This series starts on March 1st.

    Four weeks of yoga themed to examine how we feed ourselves through:
    • Week 1: Food and the Body
    • Week 2: Boundaries and Relationships
    • Week 3: Energy and Emotions
    • Week 4: Community and the Inner Teacher
    May – Lila Flow 30-Day Yoga Series

    The series starts May 1st.

    Short, dynamic, and playful yoga classes that target the whole body. 

    Perks of this series:
    • 20-40 minute yoga classes.
    • Break a sweat before you leave the house!
    • 2 classes to choose from for each day.
    July – Hatha 30-Day Yoga Series 

    This series starts on July 1st.

    Each week focuses on a specific collection

    1. Ha = Sun Collection – inversions
    2. Tha = Moon Collection – hip opening
    3. Agni = Fire Collection – arm balancing
    4. Jiva = Spirit Collection – heart opening
    August – Astro 30-Day Yoga Series

    The Astro Yoga Series provides 30 days of yoga organized around Vedic Astrology to unite the cosmos with individual consciousness.

    Participants in the Astro Yoga Series receive:
    • 2 classes per day.
    • A calendar to track your progress.
    • Yoga for each of the 12 zodiacs and the body parts to work with for your sign.
    • Educational prompts on Vedic Astrology.
    September – Hindu Deity 30-Day Yoga Series

    The Deity Yoga Series provides 30 days of yoga organized around the Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon.

    “The practice of deity yoga is a powerful way to free these archetypal energies from the nets cast by our egos, so they can reveal themselves in their purest, most sublime form.” — Sally Kempton.

    Work with the unique energy of each God/Goddess:
    • Week 1: Brahma/Saraswati
    • Week 2: Vishnu/Lakshmi
    • Week 3: Shiva/Durga
    • Week 4: Ganesha/Gayatri
    Participants in the Deity Yoga Series receive:
    • 2 classes per day.
    • calendar to track your progress.
    • Yoga courses that embrace the symbolism and energy of the deities.
    November – Chakra 30-Day Yoga Series

    This series starts on November 1st.

    Daily yoga + meditation classes themed for the chakras.

    ✹ Learn the themes for each of the chakras to work with emotional, physical, and energetic imbalances. 
    ✹ Journaling prompts and homework for reflection based on each of the seven chakras.
    ✹ Podcast interviews to inspire your learning.
    ✹ Book recommendations and further reading resources.
    ✹ Weekly tips to stay motivated in your yoga practice.
    ✹ Unlock energetic blocks at each chakra with movement, meditation, and mindfulness practices.
    December – Untangled 30-Day Yoga Series 

    This series starts on December 1st. 

    Untangled Yoga Series is an invitation to examine the intricacies of the human form through the:
    1. Digestive system
    2. Circulatory system
    3. Endocrine system
    4. Respiratory system
    5. Nervous system

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