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Refer a friend

to get a free month of yoga!

Get a bonus of 30 days added to your membership on Practice with Clara whenever your referrals activate a membership! 

How Refer A Friend Works:

  • Login to the Practice with Clara app on your computer to find your custom referral link. 
  • Share your custom referral link via social media or email—or copy/paste it somewhere visible for your community!
  • When your referral becomes an active member, you’ll automatically get 30 days added to your Practice with Clara membership.


*You must have an active subscription to receive the 30 day bonus. 
**Your referrals must be active members (no longer in the trial period) and pay their first invoice before you receive the 30 day bonus. 

Refer a Friend
Step-by-Step Process:

  • Sign in to your Practice with Clara account on the website. 
  • Go to your Account -> Account Details from the main navigation. 
  • Click on the Invite a Friend tab.
  • Copy the link, send it via social media, or invite friends via email.
  • Track your referral history in the app on the website. 
  • Get 30 bonus days added to your subscription when your referral becomes an active member.


How does the referral link work?

The referral link is created specifically for each user on the apps. The URL stores a cookie in the browser for those who click the link. The user must click the link within 30 days to trigger the referral. 

When are the 30 free days added to an account?

Once the referral becomes an active member, the 30 days are added to the user’s account. An active member is someone who is on a paying subscription and not in the 7-day trial period. 

Can anyone use Refer a Friend to refer users?

To refer a friend receive 30 days added to your account, you must be an active member. The feature is not available to those in the 7-day trial period. 

What memberships work with referrals?

All the membership options work with the referral program. If you are on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription, the 30 days will still be added to your account.

The referral isn’t appearing in the referral history, even though the invitation was sent. 

Your referrals must be accepted by clicking the link and signing up through the link. If the person who receives your link clicks on it and does not complete the signup with the link, you will not get the referral bonus of 30 days added to your account. 

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