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Rest, It’s Important

“The longer we live, the more experiences we accumulate. Some are pleasing, some are relatively neutral, and others are unpleasantly stressful. Left unresolved, all negative stressful experiences remain stored indefinitely in our unconscious. The various feelings, memories, and sensations related to unpleasant stress have a negative impact on your mind and how it relates to the world–and also affect your health and physical well-being…The good news is that your brain is elastic. When it experiences enough of an interruption between stress cycles, brain function returns to a state that supports well-being. This is where relaxation comes in. An ever-expanding body of research is showing the vital role of relaxation.”
–Rod Stryker, The Four Desires
I invite you to take time in the next few days and lie down and rest your body and mind. For those of us who like to be guided, head over to my profile for a link to my Third Eye Meditation. It’s a 20 minuted guided meditation I recommend listening to while lying down. Let me know what you think.



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