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September Is Here— Are You?

Hello, friends!

On my way to teach this afternoon, I was musing on a theme for the class. What came to me was how practical yoga is, meaning the time on our mats can teach us how to manage stress. The asanas, physical poses, can challenge our bodies and minds. Those challenges can cause stress on our bodies and minds. Learning how to manage stress in a controlled environment, ie yoga, can help us learn how to work with the stress off the mat.

There will always be stress. How we handle stress is OUR choice.

I bring this up as it’s the second week of September. Whether your household is returning to school or you’re coming down from the whirlwind of summer — September can be a stressful month.

How have you been handling stress lately?

Take a deep breath.

How would you like to be working with it?

Moi — I’m getting back to my mat regularly. I’m getting my nose back in a book — reading really helps calm my system. I’m currently rereading House of Spirits by Isabel Allende. One of my favorite fiction writers of all time! Been drinking Turmeric mylk in the afternoon to help with bloating. My digestion is my barometer and it’s telling me I’m stressed. Lastly, I’m listening to mellow music.

Reply to this email and tell me how your September is going and what you’re doing to help calm your system and/or tell me what you’re currently reading. I love recommendations.



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