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Yoga Shop

Below you’ll find companies I support. They are mostly local Vancouver businesses that either make their products locally or source them with integrity. Half of what is in my closet is from these awesome people. Check out their mission statements, and if you’re interested, click on their links.
Much love,
Clara 🙂
Clara Roberts Oss on tippy toes


Founded by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, Canada in 1998, lululemon is a yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel company for women and men. What started as a design studio by day and yoga studio by night soon became a standalone store in November of 2000 on West 4th Avenue in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood.

Our vision for our store was to create more than a place where people could get gear to sweat in, we wanted to create a community hub where people could learn and discuss the physical aspects of healthy living, mindfulness and living a life of possibility. It was also important for us to create real relationships with our guests and understand what they were passionate about, how they liked to sweat and help them celebrate their goals. Today, we do this in our stores around the globe.

Our first designs were made for women to wear during yoga. Through plenty of feedback from our guests, ambassadors and elite athletes, we now design for yoga, running, cycling, training and most other sweaty pursuits for women and men. Not to mention, our designers are athletes and sweat-minded people, too.

We live a life we love. We set our goals to align with our vision, and it’s why, so often, our one-year goals become today’s reality.

Divine East

Divine East is a mala jewelry company specializing in hand-crafted gemstone necklaces and bracelets. Our designs were first inspired by our sisters’ trip to India and our spiritual journey along the way.

Our malas are handmade with semi-precious gemstones sourced from locals in India and Bali, two incredibly magical places that hold a large piece of our hearts. The inspiration when naming our designs, comes from a place of growth, expansion and acceptance. Immense gratitude for allowing us to share our journey with you.

Welcome to the Divine Community. 

Downtown Betty

A sleek, more sophisticated side of surfer girl, Downtown Betty has evolved.  Don’t get me wrong, those are still the roots of the tribe, always will be, but on the way to an ashram in India to do yoga teacher training, Downtown Betty cracked open a new point of view.  In an ashram one must follow the cultural rules, cover the shoulders, cover the knees & deal with 45ÂşC heat. Cotton would be the best way to deal with these constraints. Lycra would also be welcome in the constraint department.  The T-Shirt & T-Shirt Dress was first: Just enough cap sleeve to cover the shoulder, a waist line & visible hips and room for air to pass through the upper body & a bra top, if you can be bothered …pants would have to wait until India…they’ll know what to do.  In Goa, the Dhoti Pant appeared…super cute drop crotch pants that kick the pants off of track pants in the comfort & style department. Research & development would be continued in Bali, the colour story & it’s casual glamour dialed & styled. 

Half Moon Yoga Props

In 1983, Halfmoon founder Beth McTavish was captivated by yogis practicing at the edge of the Ganges River, in Varanasi, India. She was mesmerized by their intent, their focus, and the stillness of yoga in the midst of noise, chaos, and colour. When she returned home her own Iyengar practice began.

In 1989, Beth united her love for yoga with her experience in making and manufacturing. A red seat belt became a yoga strap and rolls of cotton batting became sturdy handcrafted bolsters.

Halfmoon Yoga Products had begun.

Since the start, Halfmoon has been inspired by the values of yoga: non-violence, truthfulness, abstention from wrongdoing, compassion and kindness.

Yoga props

Priestess + Deer

Why the name?  As the old folklore goes…… the deer leads the priestess back into the forest to practice her craft when she gets off track with her purpose. 

We are proud to be a part of the REVOLUTION bringing us back to the CRAFT MOVEMENT.

Priestess + Deer began as a tiny company run by 1 woman only – Paige Faraci AKA The Empress. All of the clothes were made by hand on Salt Spring Island, B.C. in a beautiful little studio with huge south facing windows. Imagine a priestess at work, surrounded by trees of a rich rainforest where the deer run wild and free. 

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