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Simplicity is Key

Let me start by saying that last week, I went away to Salt Spring Island to teach yoga at a friend’s marketing retreat. I came home full of rest, visits with near and dear friends and the biggest bag of fresh produce.

This week has been the complete opposite. I feel as though I was thrown into an obstacle course. What I came to realize, is I threw myself in. Doh!

A snapshot:

I scratched the top of my foot on a rock covered in barnacles. Lucky for me, there were no scratches where my flip flops touch!

​The same day, my dad fell and broke his foot running for the bus. Had to drive my father to and from the hospital. Boo.

​Karmen and I decided to travel all over the city on the bus on the hottest day, which meant I carried her a lot. We saw so much and laughed a lot.

​Karmen has been going to bed an hour later than she used to which means I no longer have much time after putting her down to get work done – this lady needs her beauty sleep too!

By the end of the week, I was hung over from exhaustion.

I woke up and thought: This. Is. Not. Sustainable.

I have always had an abundance of energy and love doing all the things. But now there’s more things. And this week, it felt like there were even more things.

All of a sudden I was laden with tasks and no time to do them.
What to do?

I can’t get all the cooking, cleaning, tidying done and get to emails, work tasks. I can’t seem to find the time to exercise, play with Karmen and travel to do activities.

Hey girl, I says to myself, SIMPLIFY. You don’t have to do all the things ALL THE TIME.
Still one of my greatest teachers.

Soooo I’ve decided to stay close to home the next few days.
Cook simple meals and order a bit of take out – I can really get down with making elaborate meals as of late but that eats up a lot of time.
And slowly chip away at the To Do list.
And rest when I can – another hard one for me. I am feeling a bit better and ready to plan a simpler week ahead.

I ask you –
What are you navigating as of late?
Have you got any life hacks you wanna share?
Tell me, tell me.



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