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Slow Down & Listen

Do you ever wonder what the hay you’re doing?
Do you ever wonder what the heck is the point? 
Do you ever wonder whether or not what you have to offer is of any use at all?

……I do….I did….this week.

Keep asking questions Clara. 
I ask a lot of questions. 
I don’t get a lot of answers.
But I keep asking. 

Karmen says it so eloquently, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY? 

Asking questions gets my mind going, which is beneficial at times and detrimental at others. When it’s working, I feel as though I’m flowing down river rapids and feel one with the current, my body and mind moving with the sway of the water. When it’s not working – I’m a hamster on a wheel running super fast and going nowhere. 

My mentor reminded me yesterday, as my wheels were spinning, to STOP. 
Stop trying to figure it out. Stop trying to do. Instead…
Sit and do nothing. 
Stop thinking, start listening.

I can do that.

My homework this week, and maybe yours – Stop, even for 1 minute.
Sit and listen.


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