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Slow Mornings Got Me

Hi, friend!

Slow mornings. This is a new one for me. I used to love to wake up and move my body— yoga/workout. In the past few months, that has shifted. Instead of getting up and going, I’m taking it slow. Lying in bed—if I’m not on Karmen duty—reading and drinking coffee. I’ve adjusted the lighting in the house so that for the first few hours, we enjoy low lighting as our usual wake-up time is around 5/5:30am. If I’m with Karmen, then we lie on her little couch and play with her stuffed animals as I slowly sip my coffee. It’s felt so luxurious.

I’ve always enjoyed waking up early. I used to work the 6am shift at the restaurant back in the day and I loved getting up in the dark and taking the subway into the city. At 5am in NYC, there’s a changing of the guard. Clubbers were coming home and shift workers were going to work. I loved watching the two groups swaying on the train together—tired for different reasons.

The winter months here in Vancouver, are dark and quiet so it feels very natural to move slowly.

Moving later in the day has felt good as well. I’ve been doing in the afternoon while Karmen is napping and it’s been a nice way to break up the day. Break a sweat, feel my body and take a moment for myself.

Has there been any changes in your routine recently?

Have you been enjoying these changes?

Why or why not?




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