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Soften Into What’s Happening

Hello, friends!

This week’s mantra in Clara’s life, yep mine, has been — “Soften into what is happening. Stop resisting”.

I’ve had to make peace with some decisions and trajectories I did not want to occur. For the past month, I have been resisting them. Trying to figure out how I can stop/change/recalibrate myself and the decisions I’ve needed to make. It has left me exhausted and frustrated.

This week I made a decision to go with it, trusting that there is a reason this is all happening. As soon as I did this, I felt a weight I had been carrying lift off my body. I felt my mind open up and my breath deepen. I am a stubborn person. This has its advantages at times—as it gives me the determination to see things through, and disadvantages at other times—resisting what needs to happen.

I have been very resistant lately and all it’s given me is tension headaches and a feeling of being boxed into a corner with nowhere to go.

As soon as I softened into what was happening, the path forward opened up. I equate it to being in a crowd. Sometimes it feels like you can’t seem to get ahead; there’s always someone in front of you. Other times, you can see the throughline, and it seems effortless to move through the throngs of people.

I ask you:

Have you been resisting or softening into what is happening?

Has it been serving you?

Is there anywhere you can soften in your body, mind, or heart just a little bit more?

Grab my hand—let’s walk the throughline together. Hit me up with your thoughts or musings if it pleases you,


PS- I’ve been loving the emails you’ve been sending me with your thoughts/experiences.



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