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Awakening, rebirth, unfurling, melting,

breaking through, bringing forth, fertility.

As I sat to prepare for today’s class, these were the words I was milling on. What became clear was I wanted to call upon Lakshmi, the goddess of fertility and abundance. She brings forth into the material world what is not seen. She is spring!

Winter is about tinkering in our spiritual basements, working on ourselves, our internal landscapes. In the Spring we begin to shift our focus from in here, to what’s out there. We’re starting to close down the workshop and decide, what shall we bring forth?

The meditation I worked with today was imagining that what we’ve been working on this winter are seeds. Decide, which seeds will you plant and which will you discard? What do you want to see grow? Imagine that you’re planting them somewhere outside. Once they’re planted, say a little prayer over them and sit beside them for a time. Feeling the warm sun starting to stimulate your seeds.

I shared a passage from an oracle deck I love called The Wild & Sacred Feminine Deck about Lakshmi.

“…Generosity, karma, and gifts, Lakshmi indicates that the angels of fortune hover around you, waiting to bestow their boons. Embrace them by sharing freely what you already have: you must empty your cup in order for it to be refilled. Lakshmi rests on a blooming lotus flower, the symbol of transcendence. Her four hands represent the four aims of human life: righteousness, pleasure, wealth and liberation. The Hindu goddess of abundance says that when you follow your dharma — your purpose in life — contentment will follow.

Give reverence to Lakshmi…for she is a goddess of prosperity, both material and spiritual. In fact, she embodies the gateway where the material becomes spiritual, the immanent transcendent.

Lakshmi teaches that while you don’t need material wealth to feel rich, you must consciously choose to live a life of generosity. If you blame the world for withholding its treasure from you, try turning that thought around. What are you withholding from the world?

Just as abundance nourishes you, you are here to nourish abundance.”

May this season be abundant!


Inspiration for the season



Mantra to Lakshmi
Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Maha Lakshmi Namaha
 Sing along with Marti Nikko 


Spring Equinox – Spotify playlist


Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton