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Spark Your Creativity

The Nourish Notebook is an invitation to explore what lights you up!

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Initiating a ritual occurs through embodied action.

Your 4-Week Journal Contains:

  • Yoga & meditation classes.
  • Writing prompts & questions.
  • Space to write and reflect.
  • Themes to harness your focus.
Nourish is a collection of prose, philosophy, mindful practices, and prompts to underpin the formation of your creativity through the concentration of ritual.

We undergo periods of strife and stillness, ecstatic joy and suffering, hopelessness and courage our whole lives. To roll with the rhythms of change is to accept the dance with the unknown.

Nourish is your container to craft intentions that spark creativity and belonging.

How we take care of ourselves—the mental, physical, emotional, and energetic bodies—influences how we sustain relationships and rituals of well-being.

Move through the questions and practices at your leisure. The approach needn’t be linear. Skip pages. Flip ahead. Answer one question and leave the rest.

Allow your process to unfold gently.

The Nourish Notebook was compiled by Clara Roberts-Oss and Stephanie Trembath. 

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