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yogi survey on temp.clararobertsoss.com

Survey 2019 Responses

At the beginning of June we ran a survey to learn more about my kula (community). We wanted to know: What style of yoga did

Japanese yoga funny vid

Japanese Yoga

The beauty of yoga is that different cultures and regions have been using it the way they find it best. Yoga is a broad concept

A path with heart Jack Kornfield

Allow The World To Touch You Deeply

Depending upon the lineage you follow or study, the practice is either to move away from or towards your strong emotions. As someone who lives

equal vision quote

Take Care of Your Mind First

Take Care of Your Mind First. The greatest gift meditation has ever taught me is that a much larger percentage than I thought of the

equal vision quote

Equal Vision

“Having equal vision means you don’t see anybody as low or high. To you both thief and police officer are equal. You don’t see the

The tension of opposites

The Tension of Opposites

There has been a big debate as to whether or not someone on the spiritual path can also be a householder. Can someone who is

Daniel Odier's Tantric Quest

Daniel Odier’s Tantric Quest

Happy Autumn Equinox! This is my favorite time of year because we move from being very externally focused to the internal. As I wrote my