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Read the testimonials and the loving words from our community members.  

Clara’s understanding of yoga and her ability to keep the classes challenging, relaxing, fun, grounding, and empowering is the reason I want to Practice With Clara regularly. The variety of classes included, varying from mantra and meditation to vinyasa flow to yin/restorative, remind me that yoga is not just one thing, one class, but a whole way of life and a whole way to be.

Érica Hoeksema.

Even on days when I didn’t want I do the practice, it was always exactly what I needed! And I always felt better, more centred, and happier. The sequencing of the movements and the order of the classes were perfect. Hopefully, you’ll do more 30-day challenges!

Teraissa McGovern.

Clara's deep knowledge makes it more than just a physical asana practice, her sense of cueing in a virtual class is remarkable and her way of offering playful, light but introspective classes is refreshing. Big gratitude for this offering.

As with all of Clara's offering this was so beautifully curated and thoughtful. Really was a treat to participate.

Leah Egan

Community is a fundamental tenet of my personal life: we Irish are tribal by nature. Finding a tribe to reflect my vibe is not only something I want, it’s something I need. 2020 showed me that. I love the idea that the PWC community literally lives in my back pocket. With one flick of a button, one sip of a breath, I’m back with my “people”, the ones with similar hopes, dreams, and insecurities. There’s strength and power in knowing that. It’s a strength that feels all-inclusive, real, palpable, human. And that’s what I feel the world - what I, we - need right now.

Clara’s offering is so rich. I feel like I have barely scratched the surface. I look forward continuing this deep dive. PWC is so accessible and abundant.

I loved practicing with Clara every day. Clara is one of the most informed, well rounded and authentic teachers I have ever had the honor and joy to practice with. Thank you!!

It was a great variety of classes and allowed me to practice some styles that I normally don’t do. I felt I learned a lot and it pushed me out of my comfort zone in a good way! I found myself looking forward to the class each day! I normally practice in the morning and it was a fabulous way to set my intention for the day. Thank you for the journey!!

Every day perfectly fit with what I needed. Ive been practicing virtually with Clara for years. Her flows always feels like a whole body practice even if it has a concentration on a muscle group or section. The class lengths are great to be able to make it work, even if they have to be split up for home balance.

I was happily surprised about the variety of classes and the way they lead me to something that felt like traveling to amazing places with an amazing guide.

I love this platform. The classes are sometimes challenging and always incredibly creative. Clara's sequencing is divine. The classes have helped me to develop a daily practice and improve my strength and flexibility.

Taking Clara's Vinyasa training was the most transformative experience in my practice and teaching since completing a 200-hour. She taught us with precision and creativity to design sequences that make sense and feel beautiful. We explored the art of teaching advanced postures with skill and the safety of students in mind. We learned to teach through kramas, stages of the process, to meet students where they are at. I highly recommend this program to anyone with an interest in vinyasa, or who is intending to teach this style to others.

It seems with every passing year, the love and gratitude I have for the community grows deeper. The PWC community is one space that has been and continues to be a big blessing. I love the PWC community for how real it feels; it's free of judgment and safe to share where you are in your yoga or life journey, including the struggles you are facing or any raw emotions you’re carrying at the moment. It is an absolute honor and delight to be a PWC ambassador. I believe a big part of my dharma is to hold space for others and I get to practice that here.

Loved the Facebook page, I felt as if the community there really held me accountable!!

Aisha Bubshait

I loved the seva practice of this challenge that encourages me to take my compassion for self off my mat and into the world.

I can’t get enough of these challenges. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into planning and executing these challenges - they are providing me a lot of comfort in this anxious time.

I’m hooked on PWC for good- I have said before that Team Clara has been my safe, relaxing place over the last year. I used to go to a yoga studio almost daily, now I think I will stick with Clara’s site.

As a Yoga teacher myself, it keeps my own personal practice fresh, challenging and varied! It's amazing inspiration too, love it! thank you

I am so grateful for this practice with Clara and this community. In my experience, Clara has such a refreshing way of preparing a body to be free and open to a wider variety of poses- things I wouldn’t have experimented with in another life. I really love her constant description of modifications, especially in the live classes, and her mantra-like messages in each class to honor your body. Her play fullness is delightful.

Inspiring and creative classes! A great mix of more energetic and quieter practices.

I really enjoyed this challenge, it was so enlightening. Thank you to everyone involved. I am anxious for the next challenge, and I can’t wait to hear about the online 4-day sequencing workshop coming up.

This was a great challenge. It helped me feel much more flexible after 30-days.

This was my first time sticking with a 30 day challenge and I really loved it. The structure of the week was perfect, with the right amount of slow mixed into the more intense practices. I felt committed and motivated to get on my mat every day and looked forward to seeing what the practice of the day was going to be. It was nice seeing some of my favorite classes that I already do regularly and then finding other classes that I might not have selected on the description but ending up becoming new favorites. The live classes on Saturday were my favorite, having not been to a live yoga class in a year. I have followed Clara for years from her days on the Gaiam app and assumed I would never have the opportunity to practice with her in real life so it was such a wonderful treat to feel like I was in class and in community with her. Great challenge, app, content, and the best teacher. Looking forward to the next one 🙂

I really enjoyed the the variety of classes, the options between the two classes was a nice, it made it easy for me to get to my mat each day, no excuses.

It was great. I usually only practice yoga every second day because I run on the alternate day. But the challenge made me come to the mat everyday, be it for a 90 minute class or a 15 minute one. There is plenty of variety to choose from.

Having options each day helped me stick with the challenge, being able to choose between short/long, slower/faster. I also gave myself license to mix and match the days to fit my life. Really lovely mix of classes this month. <3

I thought it was great, it really helps me reach a new feeling body in terms of fitness, flexibility, and even a bit of weight loss. It built on the fitness and positive well-being that I felt from the January challenge. I also liked how on some days, their options of class length and intensity. It made you feel that however crazy the rest of your day and week was, you could still do a class, even when you're really tired. I like the challenge because it opens you up to areas of yoga, poses, styles that I may not naturally choose for myself. It's also been nice through the covid lockdowns to feel like you're having a shared yoga journey online. Because you know others are doing it with you, it also helps incentivize you to keep going again even when you're tired or make the time even when you're overwhelmed with work/family.

Kseniya Hornby

A blessing in disguise in the time of the pandemic was joining Practice With Clara, first as an online yoga student, then as an ambassador which was upset exciting news for me. I have gained so much in this time—from deepening the knowledge of yoga and strengthening my daily practice, to connecting to like-minded souls around the world and making new friends. It was like expanding the borders of my local yoga studio to those of the whole planet. It has been so comforting to receive and give support, so interesting and enriching to exchange ideas on all sorts of things and real-life situations, so entertaining to share tips and anecdotes.

I loved it all, especially the variety of classes and thoughtful journaling questions throughout.

I recently completed 300 HR YTT Lila School of Vinyasa with Clara Roberts-Oss.

Participation in training with Clara, has taken my “yoga” to the next level. Prior to Clara’s training, I had a decent understanding of sequencing to prepare the body for a peak pose, and what poses would be included to unwind the body prior to Shavasana. The knowledge I gained from Clara’s training was astronomical and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Here are my “takeaways” specific to the sequencing of vinyasa classes.

✺ Purpose & Intention. Clara’s lessons taught me to ask the “why” in sequencing classes. When planning classes, I now ask myself many questions to build a class that I can solidly stand behind with complete confidence. Clara inspired me to ask questions like: What is my purpose of including this pose? Why am I choosing this pose? Is it placed appropriately? Does it align with my intention? Is my intention authentic? Am I missing anything? What would be better or more effective? Does it fit with the flow of the class? Am I speaking to Krama’s?

✺ Theming and Bhavna. Clara has a gift of creativity in sequencing classes, and I have taken away courage to include elements to classes that go beyond the asanas, such as pranayama, meditation, mantra, yoga philosophy, that fit the theme of the class to create and teach a more full and rounded class. Additionally, taking away knowledge from Clara of the timing, and placement of theses aspects has helped me create a stronger bhavna in my classes.

✺ Delivery. Working with Clara has greatly enhanced my ability to execute sequenced classes more professionally. These are the “how to’s” or the “teaching” that I took away including, use of clear and concise language, appropriate vocal tone for the bhavna and time of the class, allowing for space and silence, pausing for breath, timing of the sequence within the sequence, use of suitable rhythms or music, and much more!
Personally, I am striving to teach and live from a place of authenticity. (Also, learned from Clara). The knowledge I gained in this training aligns with my aspirations as a teacher and human being.

The mix of classes, the flexibility and ease of accessing the class made it super easy. The pace of the classes and order were well planned out. I love having the option to play the AWESOME playlists with the classes. I have a new love of restorative yoga now, thank you for this! Sharing classes that I wouldn’t have tried has opened my mind to new practices. Best of all I feel strong and I always feel better after my daily practice. Thank you for the community connections and journal prompts as well. These are an added bonus to a well orchestrated month of body and mind goodness. I’m almost at a year mark since I’ve joined the community and I’m so grateful! Thank you Clara and team.

I loved this challenge, I have tried other challenges and failed. I think the reasons I succeeded are: I love Clara’s teaching style, I really appreciated the different lengths and kinds of classes and the ability to switch the days to fit my schedule, and lastly the feel of community, such a sincere, caring group.

This is my favorite online yoga subscription as Clara has the breath and movement cues down to a science. She is a true yogi and doesn't cater her yoga teachings to fitness freaks and fake image conscious yoga consumers. It is always about the breath and intention in her classes, and using yoga to connect the mind and body. Her musings and word of encouragement throughout the classes are also lighthearted and fun.

I really love Clara’s flows. It is wonderful to have a curated plan laid out that has a balance between strength, opening different areas, restoring, etc. I plan to keep going and especially look forward to the other 30 day challenges on the site and live classes. Thank you!

Melanie Emlyn

I had reached a ceiling as a teacher when I signed up for Clara’s Yoga Sequencing Training. I felt repetitive in my teaching, unsure of how to get inspired again and after 4 years still constantly questioning and doubting if I was good enough. The training was everything I was looking for and more.

As a Manual Osteopath I’m very passionate about injury prevention and support and Clara educated us on the newest research regarding incorrect movements and common injures we’re seeing in the industry today. She taught us what we can do as teachers to support our students through proper alignment, cueing and how to careful craft a proper sequence that prepares the body and supports the intention. We learned how to find inspiration, flesh out theming that feels authentic to us and create impactful bhav.

Clara’s sequencing is brilliant, intelligent and I think all teachers need to take this training so that they learn how to sequence in a way that truly supports the student. Everything has a purpose and is thought through carefully. It has changed the way that I sequence and truly made me a more confident teacher in my offerings. My biggest take-away was she gave me permission to be myself, teach from my heart, and believe that what I offer is enough.

Lauren Murphy

One of the most formative experiences I have had of community has been in connection with Benedictine monastic communities. Together, community members pray, work, eat, live. There are Benedictine monasteries all over the world, and yet each community has its own character. The Practice with Clara community reminds me, in some ways, of this Benedictine network: people spread out globally, sharing an experience, muddling through how to exist in this world. This community broadens my horizons while also reminding me of how very universal humanity is. I think of the breathing that we do in yoga, across the world at different times, as I think of the prayer done in Benedictine chapels the world over—day in, day out, continually renewing the world with Spirit.

Thank you for organizing the challenge Clara and team! It made coming to my mat each day so much more accessible and fun! It was the reset I needed this month and I already can’t wait for the next one!

The 30-day challenge is the perfect trifecta...intentional wellness, community connections, and playful practice. I feel reset and replenished in my commitment to yoga and myself. Thank you so much!

I LOVE this platform! Clara’s classes are incredible. I really looked forward to the classes every day.

I love Clara’s instruction and cues! She is so knowledgeable and it’s like she’s in the room with me. She’s simply amazing.

I loved it. Really appreciate Clara's style. Very professional, clear instructions, strong guidance and good balance in the choices of the lessons. I felt it was not a random adding of classes, but a real path I could follow. The big picture made a lot of sense, as well as the specific classes.

I always spend about 10-15 minutes trying to find the class I want to take in the morning, so I loved just looking at the date for which class to do. I had never done mantra and found I loved it. The challenge introduced me to the idea that not all yoga classes have to be Energetic vinyasa. It also made me feel like I was part of a yoga studio rather than just me doing yoga by myself.

This challenge has been the first yoga challenge I have successfully completed. I have attempted others at my studio but the flexibility of recorded classes matched with the really smart sequencing of hard/medium/restorative classes made this challenge actually accessible and sustainable. I feel completely motivated to practice yoga daily for the remainder of the year and it feels like an actually attainable goal. In the very stressful time of covid, this challenge has brought me the most strength and peace I’ve felt since last March. I am SO grateful. Thank you.

This was a great challenge for inspiring introspection, personal change and a gentle daily discipline of arriving to the mat. I appreciated the focus on mantras and chanting on some days, and the flexibility to choose among options to fit our schedules. As always, Clara's voice, cueing, pacing and humor make every class a good one - I have a hard time picking favorites!

Alexandria Waycott

It is my first time accomplishing a 30 day challenge. I really enjoyed the sequence of classes day to day. It was like you knew what I was needing, inside and out! Magical!

Loved it! So grateful to start off the New Year with such a well thought out challenge. Would absolutely do it again (and again!)

I love Clara’s style. I really enjoyed learning more of the philosophy. Having it woven into classes was perfect. I’ve decided to continue on in this platform because the sequences is so great!

I completed Clara's 300 hour YTT, and it exceeded all of my expectations.

There are so many 300 hour trainings to choose from, but Clara's training stands out to me as one that is extremely comprehensive. It requires quite a bit of work, but I believe that what you put into the training you will receive back.

Clara's training helped me break out of my comfort zone by giving me the skills to teach aspects of the practice that I wasn't previously confident in, such as leading mantra for a group. I left each module of training feeling more confident and inspired as a teacher, and that shows up in my public classes and online offerings. Following Clara's training, I have been able to step into the role of offering continuing education for other yoga teachers in my community.

I'm so glad I chose to continue my yogic studies with Clara as it was the perfect step to help challenge me and push me towards growth as a teacher.

I loved this month of yoga. Some of my favourite aspects were the mantra and mudra classes. I'm really interested in these elements of yoga and like that this challenge wasn't all asana. I felt like the program was both accessible and challenging, with rich content that has broadened my knowledge and helped reset my approach to my practice. I also found the Facebook group one of the most engaging I've come across- it really feels like a community. 😊 Thank you!

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