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The End Of Another Era

Hello, friends!

I only teach one public yoga class a week – at One Yoga in Gastown. I’ve taught there for over 5 years and remember its inception a little over a decade ago. And in a few short weeks, it’s closing its doors for good.

I’ve known for a few weeks that this was coming but today, as I set up the room for class, it hit me, like a heavy rock sinking to the bottom of my stomach. My only weekly physical connection to my community is coming to an end.

One Yoga is one of the few studios left in the city that has heart. The intention of the studio was to create a sacred space for us to come together to breathe, sweat, pray and be together – regardless of one’s financial status. It saddens me that it’s closing as it’s been a sanctuary for so many of us – both students and teachers alike.

I know this is a death that needs to happen.

I know something will eventually emerge that will give us exactly what we all need.

And I’m still grieving what feels like another era ending.

I am so thankful for the community Suzanne built.

I am so thankful for being a part of a teaching community that had integrity and reverence for this ancient practice.

I love you and will miss you One Yoga for the People.

If you’re around – do come by in the next few weeks and bless this exit.,



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