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Tools for Empaths

“A philosophy of life is a bundle of wisdom you have gathered from your reading and experience. It is not a rigid ideology that allows no development and complexity. It’s a living thing, a developing idea about life that belongs to you alone.”
– Thomas Moore, excerpt from Dark Nights of the Soul.

Hello fellow seekers of truth,
I hope this email finds you well.

Our theme this week is “Giving and Receiving–how we interact with our community.” 

To align with our theme this week, I ask:
◘ How would you define wisdom? Where do you seek it in your life? From people? From books? From experiences?
◘ What are some of the ways you clear energy/emotions? 

Check out Steph’s blog post on giving and receiving to review the highlights of our discussion this week. 

We’re over halfway through the 30-Opportunities Yoga Challenge!
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Here’s to accepting what’s ours and understanding the space we take up in the world. 

Sending you a virtual hug, 
Clara & the familia.

New Class this Week

Restore Us Both

Come to your mat for a restorative prenatal yoga sequence to ground and calm your body with longer-held poses to soothe your nervous system. Clara offers ample opportunities to develop a deeper breath and variations on each pose to complement your practice. Filmed in Lena, Galiano, BC, yogi mama’s will require 2 blocks and 1 yoga bolster for this class.

30 – Opportunities Playlist
DAY 20

King of the Hips

This quicker-paced vinyasa class to lengthen and strengthen the inner and outer hips. This class is perfect for anyone who sits for a duration of time with stretching for the side body, chest, and legs. You’ll flow to a peak-pose with Hanumanasana, full splits, before coming down to the ground for a Ghomukasana and Nadi Shodhana.


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