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Lila School 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Lila School 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Learn the foundational postures, history of yoga, and develop your vinyasa yoga practice.

Diving into teacher training is not just for those who want to teach yoga, but also for those wishing to create a greater connection to breath, community and their inner teacher. This program focuses on the principles for living a balanced lifestyle in modern society and how to be a role model for others.

Join Clara Roberts-Oss and Carolyn Anne Budgell in this 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training program designed to help you deepen your practice and understanding of the body as well as learn all the skills for instructing an incredible Vinyasa Yoga class.

** Yoga Alliance Certified, Lila School of Vinyasa Yoga **

What you will learn:

  • Why Yoga? What yoga means for us in the present day, why do we practice, how should we practice and how can we share it effectively with others?

  • The Yoga Postures: detailed alignment and anatomy through daily asana labs to break it all down and build it up methodically. Anatomy portion taught by Erin Moon, ERYT-500.

  • Safety and Options For Everyone: contraindications of yoga poses and variations for all levels of students (how to look at all different types of bodies!)

  • Hands-on Adjustments: the delicate actions and ethics of touching and assisting others.

  • Sequencing: an important chapter on intelligently sequencing yoga poses and creating seamless vinyasa flows with a heating element, peak poses and a calming cooldown.

  • The Roots: philosophy, Sanskrit pronunciation, an overview of various lineages that contribute to the yoga we know today and the history of the yoga tradition.

  • Pranayama: various breathing techniques and gentle practices to understand our vital life force.

  • Subtle Body Energies: chakras, nadis and other unseen lines flowing through the body.

  • The Healing Powers of mantra, meditation and the ancient medicine of Ayurveda.

  • The Business of Yoga: how to get started, authentically integrating the many hats of a yoga teacher, settling into your own voice, boundaries, honing in on a niche and your passion for teaching.

** Yoga Alliance Certified, Lila School of Vinyasa Yoga **

200 hour yoga teacher training with Clara and Carolyn

What to expect:

  • A daily yoga, pranayama and meditation practice.

  • Because the best teacher is a lifelong student.

  • Applied hands-on teaching experience.

  • Jump right into practice teaching. Discover the authentic voice within. Clara and Carolyn are passionate about and committed to providing registered trainees with as much hands-on time teaching as possible during this training.

  • Exploration of anatomy basics in your own body.

  • Learn anatomy from the best of the best and how it directly relates to yoga postures and to finding safe alignment in all poses.

  • Feedback on sequences and practice teaching.

  • Growth comes from discussion, asking questions and learning ways to improve. Carolyn and Clara provide a safe environment for feedback on the physical and subtle aspects of teaching.

  • Relevant and personal stories/sharing.

  • Your path and all that has led you to this moment are important. Explore ways to share your story while listening and connecting to the journeys of others.

  • Contemplating your unique body and the wisdom that lies within.

Yoga is a practice of experimentation that spans our entire lifetime.

We all require different poses and types of movement at different stages, but if you can honour and appreciate your phase at any given time, your respect and understanding for others will be instantly felt. Tune into yourself, your wisdom and uncover how to teach from this place.

  • Looking to deepen their own practice
  • Learn the key anatomical points for each pose/asana
  • Learn how to transition into and out of each pose safely
  • Learn how to create holistic sequences for either their home practice or to share in a class setting
  • Interested in mantra and meditation 
  • Learn about the history and different schools of Yoga
  • Understand the subtle body (chakras, pranayama)
  • Learn more about the business of Yoga
  • Learn more about the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course now!
  • Learn different ways of sequencing vinyasa yoga 
  • Dive deep into common injuries and what modifications to offer their students 
  • How to teach and adjust advanced asana/poses
  • Receive feedback on their classes from their peers and lead teacher
  • Discuss and dissect the ancient as well as modern texts of Yoga
  • Learn how to lead mantra & meditation
  • Offer modifications and alternatives to pregnant students
  • Get an introduction to Restorative Yoga and how to offer it in the lunar part of the class
  • Learn more about the 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training course now! 

Commonly Asked Questions.

  1. How long should I have been practicing yoga before attending?
    We recommend at least 2 years of Vinyasa (Flow) yoga practice so that you have a basic understanding of all the poses, of your body and the general format for flow classes.

  2. Will we practice yoga daily?
    Yes, there will be a 2-hour class led by Clara or Carolyn and, on many days, an extra class led by your peer.

  3. How much hands-on experience will I get?
    You will start practicing teaching each other immediately. You will teach a 60-minute class during the course.

  4. How many students do you accept?
    We allow for about 15-25 participants in the training depending upon location. We like everyone to have a chance to contribute throughout the training, and a smaller group means more connection!

  5. Does this training contribute towards a 300 or 500 hour (if I have already completed a 200-hour training)?
    Sadly no. A 300-hour training is a different training altogether, for experienced instructors. Our 200-hour training gives you all the skills and tools needed to jump into the teaching world, as a new teacher. Yet you can always take more than one 200 hour training in your life!

  6. Can I take this training even if I don’t want to teach yoga?
    Absolutely! You can soak in all the studies and practices without writing the exam or practice-teaching. It’s an incredible opportunity to explore the deepest aspects of yourself, either way. And we often find that many people end up realizing during the course, that they were in fact passionate about teaching all along!

  7. Is there anything I need to study or read prior to beginning the program? Do I need to bring any books with me?
    Yes, we have outlined 6 books (in the pages above) that are ‘Required Reading’. These are book written by our revered teachers, in the lineages that have inspired our paths and our teachings. You will not be required to bring daily unless specified by us in advance.

  8. How should I prepare for the training?
    Read all the books, take yoga classes at least 3 times per week and watch your inbox for homework from us! You will receive your manual on Day 1.

  9. What happens if I have to miss a few days?
    We cannot allow for more than two days missed, unfortunately (outside of emergency situations). For the time that must be missed, there will be extra assignments and class observations to help make up for contact hours.

  10. When does the training fill up?
    This is something we cannot predict, we recommend reserving your spot when you have decided. We usually sell out 30 days prior to the start date.

  11. How do I pay each instalment? Can I e-transfer, use a cheque, a bank draft, a wire?
    See the section ‘Making a Payment’ (above) for info on how and where to send the payment – (yes to all those methods!!)

  12. Do you both teach every day together?
    Clara and Carolyn break up the course evenly so you get a bit of them together and days with them teaching solo.

  13. What does a typical day look like during the training?
    See the section ‘Daily Schedule’ above for a sample itinerary. Subject to slight changes.

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    The Faculty.

    Carolyn fell into yoga in 1999, while living the ski bum dream in Whistler. It initially provided agility for her snowboarding, skateboarding and trail running. Now, as a teacher in Vancouver, she continually learns how to connect with others and feel at home in one’s skin. The magic of yoga surprisingly grows quieter; towards a place where the physical, the internal, the spectacle and the witness are all one.

    Carolyn’s past career was outdoors, in environmental restoration for Environment Canada and BC Wildlife Federation. Since completing her first 200 hour YTT in 2008, she has an extensive CV: as a contributing writer for My Yoga Online and Halfmoon Yoga, filming videos with lululemon and Mala Collective, a presenter at Wanderlust Whistler Festivals, as an educator for international Teacher Trainings with Lila Vinyasa School of Yoga, managing yoga studios and guiding students through the mind blowing practice of just being while in silent meditation intensives.

    Erin Moon, E-RYT 500 YACEP

    Erin is the Co-Creator of World Spine Care’s Yoga Project which launched spring 2016 in Botswana. The YP is a teacher training program for patients of WSC Clinics, in underserved populations around the world, to become teachers in chair/wall postures, mindfulness and breath exercises for active self-care and pain management for people suffering from back and musculoskeletal disorders. (www.worldspinecare.org )Erin grew up in Calgary Alberta, lived in New York City for almost 13 years and now lives in beautiful Vancouver Canada. 

    Her first training was in Vinyasa Yoga with Sonic Yoga in NYC in 2004. Erin teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative and Yin styles of yoga. She has her Reiki 1, Thai Massage level 1, 100 hr PREMA Therapeutics, 50hr Yin Yoga and Meridians training. She completed a 200hr Certification in Applied Positive Psychology in the fall 2016 with the Flourishing Center. One of Erin’s greatest yoga joys is being one of the founding faculty and mentors with Three Sisters Yoga 200/300hr. She also teaches with Lila Vinyasa 200/300hr, Sonic/Illumina Yoga 200hr in Paris, Illumina Yoga 200hr in Carmel NY, Yoga Pagoda in Vero Beach FL and been a guest lecturer in Prema Therapeutics 800 for Yoga and Hospitalization. She is also pretty thrilled to be part of the Good Life Project Yoga team.

    Erin believes, through her own personal healing from trauma, that Yoga is a journey toward the freedom of good health, happiness, longevity and the bliss of now. She has seen that EVERY body, mind and soul can benefit from it’s beautiful ancient tried and tested wisdom

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    ✧ Frequently Asked Questions ✧

    1. What is the Practice with Clara Membership & App?

    Practice with Clara is an online platform and Apps that allow you to take your yoga with you anywhere, anytime! With hundreds of classes in various styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Prenatal, and Meditation, there’s something for everyone at any level of the practice. The Practice with Clara Membership provides a monthly or yearly subscription package with the first 7-days free for you to experience the courses. 

    2. How is the Membership Different from the YouTube Playlists?

    A membership to the Practice with Clara Apps provides:

    • Access to the members-only library of yoga classes
    • Weekly LIVE classes with Clara
    • Unique events and workshops
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      • Monthly Calendars
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    • Access to a community of yogis worldwide 
    • Q&A sessions with Clara
    • & much more!

    Clara’s YouTube Channel provides carefully curated playlists to introduce you to the free programs and yoga challenges for you to get a taste of what’s offered and commit to your wellness!

    3. What Do I Get When I Join the 7-Day Program?

    The 7-day programs include: 

    • 7-Days of Vinyasa Yoga Intensive
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    These programs provide a weeks-worth of yoga classes to ignite your yoga practice and cultivate a new, healthy habit. 

    When you sign-up for one of these programs, you’ll receive:

    • A welcome email to the program from Clara
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    • Access to the private Practice with Clara Facebook Group

    These programs are free with no hidden costs or fees; PLUS, you’ll still receive the 7-day free trial on the Practice with Clara Apps once you complete the series!

    4. What Do I Get When I Join the 30-Day Yoga Challenge?

    We host quarterly 30-day yoga challenges that are always free for all members of Practice with Clara. Each yoga challenge is themed based on the season. We’ve provided our inaugural challenge, Reconnect | A 30-Day Yoga Challenge, as an email series for you to try to test your physical and mental discipline and endurance!

    What you receive in Reconnect | 30-Day Challenge

    • A welcome email to the program from Clara
    • A class each day for 30-days
    • Curated Spotify playlists to accompany each course
    • A calendar to track your progress
    • A journaling booklet to incite self-reflection 
    • Access to the private Practice with Clara Facebook Group

    This program is free, anytime, with no hidden costs or fees, PLUS you’ll still receive the 7-day free trial on the Practice with Clara Apps once you complete the series!

     5.  I Want to Try the App, What’s Next? 

    Great, we’re so happy to have you join our community!

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    6. I’m Injured, Pregnant, or New to the Practice—Can I Join?

    YES, no matter where you are at in your practice, there are classes for you on Practice with Clara. 

    We’ve created playlists for beginners and those who are new to the practice.

    we also have the Prenatal Collections with classes from the 1st – 4th trimesters that I created when I was pregnant with my daughter. 

    Finally, I offer PLENTY of modifications and suggestions based on injury in all the platform classes. 

    The biggest thing is to always listen to your body; your body is the greatest teacher.

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