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Lila School 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

with Clara Roberts-Oss + Guest Teachers

Deepen your understanding of vinyasa yoga philosophy and asana; this program was designed for students and teachers seeking to develop their practice.

Module One


2022 dates announced soon

Module Two


2022 dates announced soon

Module Three


2022 dates announced soon


**Dates will be announced in November 2021**

This program is Yoga Alliance Certified

This program is broken up into 3 modules—each module is 10 days.

Module 1: Creation

Module 2: Sustaining

Module 3: Transforming

*You must have a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate to participate in the first two modules.*

The third module is OPEN to anyone who would like to explore the more esoteric aspects of the practice.

**We only take 12 people for the program/per module**

If you’re looking for continuing education, not to complete a 300-hour program, you can take any of the modules individually.

Each module is 90 contact hours and 8 non-contact hours and can be added to your CE (Continuing Education) hours for Yoga Alliance.

More on Each Module

Each program has a strong focus on the history, philosophy and application of yoga to modern life.

Module 1: Creation

*You must have a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate to participate in the first two modules.*

We’ll be covering:

Art of Sequencing– Clara will teach you how to create holistic vinyasa classes based not only peak poses but also how to create Bhavana (mood) classes for all levels based on Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow Wave theory. Each participant will teach two classes to their peers during the whole program and will have the opportunity to receive feedback from their peers and Clara.

Krama by Vinyasa Krama– Exploring the different kramas/stages of peak poses from the most fundamental variation to the most advanced. We will cover inversions, backbends, binds and arm balances along with any poses requested by participants.

Adjustments and Enhancements-Help your students understand proper alignment for their bodies in the asanas. We will go over the standing series, backbends, inversions and forward folds. You will have the opportunity to apply those adjustments on your peers during the training.

The ‘Open Level’ Class- How to create an open level class from start to finish including theme, language and closing.

Standing in One’s Own-How to create a safe environment for not only your students but also yourself. You will be given tools to create clear boundaries, deal with “problem” students and learn how to hold our own among the politics of yoga communities.

For those who are taking the whole program, you will be paired up in Module 1 with a fellow participant to mentor each other for 6 months. You will share your goals, as a teacher, and support each other to work towards them. You will take each other’s classes once a month and provide feedback. If you do not live in the same city, you will record your class and send it to your co-mentee for feedback.

*You must have a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate to participate in the first two modules.*

Module 2: Sustaining

*You must have a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate to participate in the first two modules.*

We’ll be covering:

Anatomy of the Injured Yogi with guest teacher, Erin Moon ERYT500– Erin will go over typical injuries we encounter in the yoga class including rotator cuff, lower back and knees. We will cover how these injuries can happen, how to modify while they’re healing and how to strengthen the muscles around these key places to avoid re-injury.

Feeding Ourselves on and off the Mat-How to stay inspired as a teacher can be hard. We will go over different ways to stay creative, engaged and fulfilled as not only teachers but also practitioners.

Teaching to the Pregnant Goddess-You will learn modifications and alternatives for pregnant women for all three trimesters.

Restorative Yoga with Erin Moon-An introduction to this powerful practice and how to incorporate it into the cooling/lunar part of a vinyasa class.

Module 3: Transformation

This module is open to teachers and students alike.

This module is geared towards deepening our understanding of the more subtle aspects of the Yoga Practice

We’ll be covering:

Art Of Mantra and Meditation-We will cover different mantras, their meanings, how to pronounce them properly and how to lead our students through them. We will also have a daily meditation practice going through different techniques and how to lead our students through them.

Sacred Scripture-You will be given a booklist upon registration. We will go over one to two texts a day. Included in this list are the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Myth of Freedom, Tantra, Chakras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and a few others. We will dissect their meanings, discuss our experience of the readings and go over how to apply them to the public class setting.

Pranayama-We will go over different pranayama techniques, their effects, how to teach them and why they are beneficial. Everyone will practice teaching the group and receive feedback.

The Subtle Body-We will go over what it is, how to connect to it and how to make it accessible to our students. Included in this will be Pranayama, Boa Form (from a martial art I used to study called Chien Lung), visualization and mantras of the chakras and meditation.

Ayurveda-The sister science of YogaWhat is it and why is it useful to the yogi? We will go over the doshas, how they are affected by the seasons, the daily rituals (dinacharya), abhyanga (self-massage) and what to eat/avoid depending upon our own constitution and the time of year.

If you would like to receive the 300-hour certificate, you must take all three modules.

In order to receive a 300-Hour certificate of completion from the program you’ll need to:

  • Complete the 6-month co-mentoring program

  • Read and write book reports for ALL books on the reading list for Module 3

  • Complete 30-day Sadhana

  • Complete Final Exam, given after you hand in your book reports

You have 1 year after Module 3 to complete the above list. 

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    Kind Words from Participants.

    — Alexandria Waycott | RYT 500 Full-time Yoga Teacher

    I completed Clara’s 300-hour YTT, and it exceeded all of my expectations. There are so many 300-hour training to choose from, but Clara’s training stands out to me as one that is extremely comprehensive. It requires quite a bit of work, but I believe that what you put into the training you will receive back.

    Clara’s training helped me break out of my comfort zone by giving me the skills to teach aspects of the practice that I wasn’t previously confident in, such as leading mantra for a group. I left each module of training feeling more confident and inspired as a teacher, and that shows up in my public classes and online offerings. Following Clara’s training, I have been able to step into the role of offering continuing education for other yoga teachers in my community. I’m so glad I chose to continue my yogic studies with Clara as it was the perfect step to help challenge me and push me towards growth as a teacher.

    — Melanie Emlyn | 500hr ARYT Yoga Teacher + Manual Osteopath

    The training was everything I was looking for and more. As a Manual Osteopath, I’m very passionate about injury prevention and support and Clara educated us on the newest research regarding incorrect movements and common injures we’re seeing in the industry today. She taught us what we can do as teachers to support our students through proper alignment, cueing and how to carefully craft a proper sequence that prepares the body and supports the intention. We learned how to find inspiration, flesh out theming that feels authentic to us and create impactful bhav.

    Clara’s sequencing is brilliant, intelligent and I think all teachers need to take this training so that they learn how to sequence in a way that truly supports the student. Everything has a purpose and is thought through carefully. It has changed the way that I sequence and truly made me a more confident teacher in my offerings. My biggest takeaway was she gave me permission to be myself, teach from my heart, and believe that what I offer is enough.

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    1. What is the Practice with Clara Membership & App?

    Practice with Clara is an online platform and Apps that allow you to take your yoga with you anywhere, anytime! With hundreds of classes in various styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Prenatal, and Meditation, there’s something for everyone at any level of the practice. The Practice with Clara Membership provides a monthly or yearly subscription package with the first 7-days free for you to experience the courses. 

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    3. What Do I Get When I Join the 7-Day Program?

    The 7-day programs include: 

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    These programs are free with no hidden costs or fees; PLUS, you’ll still receive the 7-day free trial on the Practice with Clara Apps once you complete the series!

    4. What Do I Get When I Join the 30-Day Yoga Challenge?

    We host quarterly 30-day yoga challenges that are always free for all members of Practice with Clara. Each yoga challenge is themed based on the season. We’ve provided our inaugural challenge, Reconnect | A 30-Day Yoga Challenge, as an email series for you to try to test your physical and mental discipline and endurance!

    What you receive in Reconnect | 30-Day Challenge

    • A welcome email to the program from Clara
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    YES, no matter where you are at in your practice, there are classes for you on Practice with Clara. 

    We’ve created playlists for beginners and those who are new to the practice.

    we also have the Prenatal Collections with classes from the 1st – 4th trimesters that I created when I was pregnant with my daughter. 

    Finally, I offer PLENTY of modifications and suggestions based on injury in all the platform classes. 

    The biggest thing is to always listen to your body; your body is the greatest teacher.

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