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Yoga for Sports to Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Yoga for sports is an excellent cross-training tool to help enhance athletic performance, prevent injuries, strengthen key muscle groups, and improve flexibility.

Overall, yoga creates more space in the body and mind, which aids in mental clarity and performance whenever you engage in your preferred sport. 

Long, strong, and supple muscles and connective tissues allow the body to respond to its environment through an increased range of motion and better balance. 
As a daily practice, yoga aids in deep, relaxed breathing that calms the nervous system and stimulates brain waves associated with creativity, euphoria, and clear-headedness.
Integrating the practice of yoga into your workout regime will improve your physical and mental performance; the psychology of sport is as arduous as the physical commitment. 

On Practice with Clara, we’ve created the Yoga for Sports playlist with five unique collections that provide a weekly program to tend to the muscles strained from activity. The collections include Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Cyclists, Yoga for Swimmers, Yoga for Rock Climbers, and Yoga for Skiers/Skateboarders. 

Each collection features classes for the days you work out to complement your routine, courses for the days off with longer sequences, and courses for every day of the week with meditation and restorative yoga. Each collection also provides short tutorials featuring tips for injuries and modifications while recovering.

Advantages to Yoga for Sports:

  • Relieve sore muscles.
  • Strengthen lacking areas to enhance your skills.
  • Lengthen muscles to improve flexibility.
  • Improve overall agility and movement in day-to-day activities.
  • Restore injuries.
  • Take conscious rest on your days off.
  • Develop mindfulness practices to strengthen your mind and build new neural pathways.  

Check out the Yoga for Sports Playlist—we’ve curated collections for cyclists, runners, skiers/skateboarders, swimmers, and rock climbers.

In each collection, you’ll find:
  • Yoga for the DAYS OFF of the sport
  • Yoga for the DAYS ON the sport
  • Meditation for any day of the week
  • Tutorials for injury and modifications
The intention is to relieve the strain on the muscle groups used in each of the activities and strengthen the areas of the body that are neglected to create a holistic mind/body map for you to feel balanced.

Benefits of yoga for runners:

  1. Develop a strong(er) core
  2. Deepen your breath
  3. Feel the strength of your legs 
  4. Align with proper posture
yoga for sports

Benefits of yoga for cyclists:

  1. Create space in your shoulders and chest
  2. Stretch your arms and wrists
  3. Lengthen your spine
  4. Unwind with meditation

Benefits of yoga for swimmers:

  1. Open your chest and midback
  2. Lengthen your inhales and exhales
  3. Release the hips, hamstrings, and glutes
  4. Restore with Yoga Nidra
yoga for sports

Benefits of yoga for rock climbers:

  1. Release tension in the hands and wrists
  2. Unwind with poses close to the ground
  3. Stretch the front, back, and inner leg lines
  4. Open the front of the chest and side waist
yoga for sports

Benefits of yoga for skiers/skateboarders:

  1. Strengthen your core muscles
  2. Release the front of the pelvis, hips, and glutes
  3. Open the front of the chest and shoulders
  4. Stretch your hamstrings and low back


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